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LinkedIn Marketing – Relationship Building Tips

3 Key LinkedIn Relationship Building Tips to Better Connections

In this video, you will learn LinkedIn marketing tips on how to leverage 3 key ideas you were never taught on how to start professional relationship building. LinkedIn is the ideal tool to start connecting. When you meet and engage authentically, the results will lead to more long term opportunities.

1 – Be sure you know who you want to invite to your LinkedIn network ahead of sending invitations because you will build a better network.

2 – Always mention something about them in your LinkedIn personalized invitation, your new contact will be impressed.

3 – Look for a warm introduction through a mutual connection through your LinkedIn network

->>Download my free resource here with step by step details from the video: including some sample introductory messages, you can use to break the ice and start to build real and lasting connections & make a great first impression.

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JoAnne Funch

Helping business owners and corporate leaders use LinkedIn and relationship building strategies to gain more exposure for their brand so they have more impact, credibility & income.

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