LinkedIn New Features and Updates [October 2023]

LinkedIn New Feature and Updates [October 2023]

For the active LinkedIn user, keeping up with changes offers a competitive edge when it comes to utilizing new features in your LinkedIn marketing. This post shows the recent updates and changes from LinkedIn.

Invitation Limits

LinkedIn recently put a limit on how many personalized invitations you can send. First, I want to share that this makes no sense to me that you can apparently send unlimited invitations without a note which is LinkedIn’s default, or you add a note which is what I always recommend to clients and students if you want to make a great first impression.

LinkedIn’s notifications says, “We have invitation limits in place to protect our overall member experience and to ensure that our members only receive relevant requests. Your LinkedIn account may be temporarily restricted from sending invitations if you’ve reached the invitation limit. (This has been about 150 a week)
You are now allowed 10 custom invitations per month unless you have a premium account.”

Add a personal note to your invitation

So, if you have a premium account, I see no limit on sending invitations with a note, so we’re paying now to send a personal note – this is ridiculous. You also get 14 Inmails to invite or message people out of your network.


**I have heard rumors that the invitation limits may be reversed – so keep an eye out. If you tend to invite many people every week/month – you may get a notice from LinkedIn (See image below) that you have exceeded the limit…or maybe not**

LinkedIn notification reaching limit

Filter your message box by content type

Message IN box: now you can check your messages on Sales Navigator & your company page by toggling to each.

filter your LinkedIn messages

SKILLS – Should you add Artificial Intelligence (AI) to your Skills section?

Job postings on LinkedIn that mention either AI or generative AI more than doubled globally between July 2021 and July 2023, according to new data from the jobs and networking platform.

Some countries saw an even bigger increase compared to the 2.2x global average — the U.K. saw a 2.3x rise, while Germany and France saw jumps of 2.6x and 2.8x, respectively.

“The change is happening across industries, Olivier Sabella, vice president of LinkedIn Talent Solutions for EMEA and LATAM, told CNBC Make It.”

“We’re seeing demand for AI skills increasingly appear across a wide range of industries and geographies,” he said.

“These job posts vary from roles where professionals will directly work on AI development, such as AI engineer, to job postings where AI is listed as a required skill — for example a digital product manager or cyber security consultant,” Sabella explained.

“The pace at which LinkedIn members added AI skills to their profiles has nearly doubled since the launch of ChatGPT alone,” Sabella said.

Update to Hashtags

have always been important in social media to identify a topic.  I wrote about changes to hashtags in
September, you can go back and reference that article:

I mentioned that you can no longer type a #topic
into the search bar and learn how many followers a hashtag has. I want to let
you know today, there is a workaround which I mentioned below.

However, according to LinkedIn, “while there are
no plans to remove hashtags, you will no longer be able to see hashtag
suggestions when searching for them, or when drafting a post in your feed.
However, you can keep using hashtags and search for them by typing the whole
hashtag out.”

If you have Creator Mode turned on in your profile,
the 5 hashtags that appear under your title let visitors know what you are an
expert on.

Here is a workaround to finding the total number of
followers to a hashtag.

In the search bar you want to put the URL:
See the example:

new search to find hashtag followers

I would recommend you continue to add 3-5 hashtags to each post, create a personal hashtag for your company and use hashtags if you turn Creator Mode on.

Follower counts on your LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn is in the process of updating the Total Follower counts on LinkedIn Pages to remove inactive accounts, including restricted and hibernated accounts. According to LinkedIn, this is part of our efforts to build a safe, authentic, and transparent experience, helping reflect a more accurate view of your audience. As a result, you may notice a change to the Total Follower count on your LinkedIn Page, so record your total followers and check it going forward.  Posting consistently will help grow your followers coupled with inviting new connections to follow your page.

follower count for LinkedIn company pages will be updated


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