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LinkedIn Announces New Feature Section for 2020

Exciting new feature to kick-off 2020 from LinkedIn is actually called the ‘Featured Section’ which shows up directly below the ‘About’ section on your profile.

Exciting new feature to kick-off 2020 from LinkedIn is actually called the ‘Featured Section’ which shows up directly below the ‘About’ section on your profile.

This is rolling out now to all LinkedIn users so watch your profile! According to LinkedIn, “The Featured section is a new area on your LinkedIn profile where you can showcase work samples.” Think about what you most want people to know about you because that content will be prominent at the top half of your LinkedIn profile.
When someone views your profile, first impressions matter to your gaining attention or being ignored. The new Featured section tells your visual story, so use this to your advantage.

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Update Your Current Media

Any media you may have previously had in your About section has been moved to the Featured section. This allows you to showcase your work to people who view your profile in a more prominent way. So be sure you go back and edit your media if it isn’t in order or what you most want to feature.

You can include as many samples of your work as you want in your Featured section, and you can manage what you’d like to feature by adding and removing content at any time. Remember, the media is placed in the order you upload it and you can drag and reorder your media within the section.

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Remove from Featured – to unpin the content from the Featured section, but not delete the content. You’ll still be able to find the unpinned content in your Activity section.

Delete – to permanently delete the content from the Featured section (and your LinkedIn profile).

Who Should Capitalize on the Featured Section?

For business owners and entrepreneurs, you could add a link to a landing page. For Business owners, you could add a video clip showcasing what your company provides or simply a link to your website. For employees, highlight what your role is inside your company ad for job seekers, add your resume and I always encourage a video clip of who you are.  You have the ability to add images, video links, documents and other links.

You will note, the Activity section is now below your Featured section.  Your activity (and others) shows what you have been active on in the past 45 days.  As a side note, this is a great section for you to review on someone’s profile that you have or want to engage with. Shows what they are interested in with through their comment or post and therefore offers you an opportunity to get into a conversation about something they care about.

Feature Your Content from Newsfeed

There is another bonus with this new Featured section, and that is to feature something you post into the newsfeed.
If you’d like to feature content as you’re posting it on your feed, you’ll have to click the … More icon from the top right of the post to add it to your Featured section. For example, perhaps you are featuring a post for an event you may want to temporarily ‘Feature’ that post in your Featured section.

There is currently no way to automatically pin content that you’ve uploaded to your Featured section so think of this section as a living document that is and can be ever-changing which I think is ideal for anyone who is an active LinkedIn user.

First impressions matter and utilizing this new Featured section will enhance your professional brand.

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JoAnne Funch

JoAnne Funch

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  1. Your alert response to this new LinkedIn feature deserves acclaim. Thanks for jumping on this with your well-organized explanation of how to best employ it.

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