LinkedIn Offers New Banner Image Premium Accounts

LinkedIn Offers New Banner Image Premium AccountsLinkedIn Offers Improved Banner Image Premium Accounts

LinkedIn is following suit with other social media sites by offer large banner header images to show off your brand.  They released this new option June 4th only to premium paid LinkedIn account holders.  (I believe this will roll out to all LinkedIn users in the future)

You have probably seen one and noticed the WOW factor in a fantastic new LinkedIn banner image. It is the first thing that the eye notices – that huge banner image – when landing on some people’s LinkedIn profiles. Join the most advanced members and become one of those savvy individuals. Whether or not you have a LinkedIn premium account, there is a way and I will show you how.

Adding such a large hero image on your LinkedIn profile can help you stand out as a professional, business owner or job seeker and establish your brand on the world’s largest business network – LinkedIn.

I’ll explain how to add a header image, but first, let’s look at what LinkedIn offers its premium account holders.

Premium account holders have a blue header image space appear across their Edit Profile page

Hide or show your premium status on Premium Accounts:

If you have any paid level (premium) account you have the option of turning on or off the “Premium” badge from showing up on your profile.  There are some great advantages to this:

Turning LinkedIn’s New Badge Image on will:

* Make your listing appear larger in search results.
* Allow you to select your background photo from a gallery of professional photos.
* Make your profile photo 30% larger.
* Show a gold LinkedIn logo next to your profile in search results.
* Give you the option to receive Open Profile messages

When saving your header image within your LinkedIn profile, take a peak at it “As a connection” to see how it appears. You may see part of your image covered by the white box at the top – however other viewers won’t have the white box when they look at it. Adjust your screen width to see how your image will look at various widths and make corresponding adjustments to gain a broader perspective. Take some time to view your profile on a smartphone and a tablet, as well as on your laptop or desktop computer.

Because of the complexity of the space, grasp the advantages of keeping the image simple. If, however, you opt to add your logo, text and more complex imagery, be prepared for the time it takes to move past possible frustrations that may be involved getting your image to reender correctly.

Add Open LinkedIn Profile

The new open profile feature allows other LinkedIn members to message you at no cost, without using an InMail. It offers good reason for you to upload a banner image that represents your personal brand and take advantage of the full space available to better display your business.

Once you’ve turned on Open Profile, you’ll still need to make sure you can accept Open Profile messages. To do this:

* Move your cursor over your profile photo in the top right of your homepage and click Privacy & Settings.Click the Communications tab in the lower left.
* For verification purposes, you may be prompted to sign in again.
* Click “Select the types of messages you’re willing to receive”.
* Click the button next to “Introductions, InMail and Open Profile messages”.
* Click Save Changes.

 Do you have a paid LinkedIn account?  If not, perhaps you might want to consider the benefits:

Note: Once you upload your own header, the original quality will lose a.k.a your your header image will look ugly and blurry, so save your design in its highest quality. ~

Learn More about LinkedIn Offering New Banner Image Premium Accounts

TIP:  You can get the Personal Plus account for about $9.99 a month, this will probably being going away so I would encourage anyone to sign up right away if you are currently on a free account.  Go to:

I can offer you a wealth of information on how to take advantage of it now that LinkedIn offers new banner image for premium accounts. I am happy to offer you guidance!

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