[August 2023] LinkedIn Platform Updates

[August 2023] LinkedIn Platform Updates

1. Notifications

In order to stay on top of your network, you will want to be checking the ‘notifications’ bell which shows some of the activity in your network. NOW you can sort your feed by ALL, My Posts or Mentions.

This allows you to quickly view and respond to any mentions you may have missed. This is an important feature that I encourage you to make part of your daily activity if you are an active user.

2. Adding Media to a post

LinkedIn has simplified the adding a video or photo to your post now with one button titled ‘Media
Once you click on media you can upload either a video or image. You can even +add additional images to one post. This is a simple and quick way of adding media to your next post.

LinkedIn Media Update

3. Set search alerts

This is a hidden gem that most people would miss because the bell icon is so small. When you use LinkedIn’s search bar, you can search for people, posts, jobs, companies, topics and more!
If you have a search term that you tend to go back to again and again, you can now click the bell icon inside the search bar and you will receive the latest updates for your search term. I would liken this to a Google alert. To let you know, I did try to do this for my own name and it does not allow this.
You can however set an alert for your company page!

LinkedIn Search Alert

4. Sort comments on the mobile app

Now available on the mobile app is a way to sort the comments between ‘most relevant’ and
most recent’ making it simple to see exactly what you want and from whom in a post.

LinkedIn Comments Update

5. Featured Section Expands to Show More

The ‘Featured’ section is designed to showcase your best work, with that said, LinkedIn is rolling out the additional sections to feature: your recommendations, individual roles from your experience sections, Licenses/Certifications and courses you’ve taken. There is a catch…you do need to upgrade to a premium business account.

(As of this writing I do not have these new options yet, so I am sharing a screenshot from my friend Lynnaire Johnston’s profile:)

LinkedIn Featured Section Update

6. Active LinkedIn Groups Have a Badge

LinkedIn groups that have had consistent activity and growth now are highlighted with a green badge. From a user’s perspective, if you are seeking to be part of a group, I would start looking for groups with the badge as you are going to network with people who are actively engaging. Then you want to click on the bell icon and get notifications of the groups activity.

Active LinkedIn Group Badge

These are some of the updates that have appeared recently from LinkedIn that my network should be most interested in. If you have any questions, please reach out: joanne@linkedinforbusiness.net

Leave a comment on which of these updates you’re most excited about!

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