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LinkedIn Professional Company Pages Done LinkedIn Professional Company Pages 

At LinkedIn For Business we provide professional company & showcase pages that build your brand.

It goes without saying that your company and all of its employees should optimize their LinkedIn profiles.  After all, an optimized profile can boost the visibility of your company and its content in the search results—both on and off the network. That’s because search engines like Google scour pages and URLs for keywords, and LinkedIn profiles offer many opportunities to embed keywords, such as within the LinkedIn URL, other URLs you list within your profile, job titles and descriptions, and content links you include.

So if your company and its employees have optimized their profiles, you could very well gain an advantage when prospective customers are searching for companies, products and services like yours.

QUESTION: Why Should I Create a LinkedIn Company Page?

ANSWER: Foremost, it builds your brand. Additionally:

1. To showcases your business, versus individual employees

2. Supports the idea that your employees are indirect company ambassadors

3. Helps when determining the effectiveness of your updates

4. Alerts you as mentions of your company occur online

5. Effectively markets your priority news

6. Showcase your professional services

Done For You LinkedIn Company Page

A LinkedIn Company Page helps others learn about your business, brand, products and services, and job opportunities. We Create Professional LinkedIn showcase pages.

* Dynamic home page

* Career Pages – showcase your employment brand and culture

* Showcase Pages – Built to highlight the latest updates from brands, business units, and company initiatives. **Showcase pages can be promoted via social media, email and advertising.

LinkedIn Strategy & Training

– Incorporate your brand strategy into the LinkedIn company page strategy

– Create an advertising campaign using the LinkedIn platform to gain awareness

Outline a plan for the entire organization

– Outline where your organization is now, set goals, create a map, prioritize the elements of the plan

– Determine how you will scale a LinkedIn initiative throughout the organization. Roll-out from senior levels
on down. (You have no credibility without senior executives on board.)

– Determine criteria to measure the results

LinkedIn – Build your corporate brand

Make your business more human. When your leaders and people throughout the organization are on LinkedIn, they increase the authenticity, transparency and humanity of your organization. People want to work with and buy from other human beings.

Express thought leadership. LinkedIn is one of the best places to share thought-leadership content. Why? Because there are 400+ million sets of eyes to potentially view and share the content. It’s the ideal place for sharing professional ideas and demonstrating your company’s expertise.

LinkedIn – Build your employer brand

Make your company a more attractive employer. Today’s employees prefer to work in a socially savvy organization, and they use the web to determine social-savvy levels. According to Spherion Staffing, 47 percent of Millennials now say a prospective employer’s online reputation matters as much as the job it offers. And a study from Altimeter showed that 76% of executives say they would rather work for a social CEO.

Make your people talent magnets. One of the first places professionals go when they are looking for a job is LinkedIn. When your people are using LinkedIn regularly, they become visible to those who are seeking employment, attracting talent to your company.

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Want to learn what company and showcase pages can do for your company?

LinkedIn is the biggest professional network in the world that exists today. LinkedIn has over 690 million members worldwide, and is adding 100 new members every 5 seconds on average! Social Media Examiner says, “Given that the majority of LinkedIn’s revenues are derived from companies and brands, LinkedIn company pages are going to continue to grow in importance and relevance for the network.”

So how does this sum up?: If you don’t have one yet, build your own LinkedIn company page for your business now!

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