LinkedIn Profile – What Recruiters Look For

It’s not about what you want to express from your LinkedIn profile, it’s about what the Recruiter is looking for in your LinkedIn profile.

Recruiters come in many forms. One thing they all have in common, they all want to fill their vacancies with the most suitable candidate. Everyone does this more or less in their own way. The ultimate goal of the true Recruiter is a happy candidate and a happy customer/client.

A brief overview of just a few types of Recruiters;

1.) The Recruiter as a networker, someone who can get in touch with the most suitable candidates, some even do this entirely online. Actually the ‘old-fashioned’ form of recruitment, at least praiseworthy considering the effort and dedication that is required for this.

2.) The Recruiter who puts the vacancy online on the career page and then quietly waits until you take the step to apply. With all the risks this entails that you gradually drop out of the application process and do not apply at all.

3.) There are also Recruiters who are more active, they search all the famous job boards on a daily basis for newly registered candidates on the relevant sites.

4.) You also have the Recruiter as a social media poster. Almost all Recruiters are generally reasonably good in ‘posting’ their vacancies with the intention that jobseekers notice these vacancies in large numbers and proceed to apply.

5.) Then there are also Recruiters who actively search for all of you jobseekers on social media. One is more skilled in this than the other, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on are pointed by some.

This last group of actively searching Recruiters on LinkedIn in particular is getting bigger and bigger. And as a job seeker, you want to be found by both the less skilled Recruiter and the real “Sourcing-Ninja”.

How will a job seeker be noticed on LinkedIn?

To get straight to the point, it’s all in the keywords.
Simply stated, you have a keyword somewhere in your LinkedIn profile, no matter where, and that’s where they’ll find you. That’s all it is, and I wish you good luck.

No, I can’t get away with it that easily. I would like to give you as a jobseeker more tips;

1. Think about the skills you have gained in recent years.Which skills are you very strong in and can be pinpointed? Don’t be too modest about this. Be creative, think of synonyms and mention them all on your LinkedIn profile.

2. Also, try to form an image or goal for yourself in terms of where you want to grow in the next 2 to 3 years.
For example, do you want to become a project manager? Make sure you mention this somewhere in your LinkedIn profile. The Summary or renamed About section is a key location as well as the skills & endorsements section within LinkedIn to enter these kinds of keywords.

3. Don’t just mention job titles, also think about specific professional knowledge, automation systems, abbreviations, courses, certifications and so on.

4. So many people, so many recruiters.

 In your profile, you should incorporate the keywords separately from each other, but also in a fixed way. For example, ‘’project manager’ and at the same time ‘projectmanager’ elsewhere in your profile. The very experienced Recruiter as a sourcer will find you anyway, the less experienced will not. And that’s why you want to use different ways to mention the same keyword in your LinkedIn profile.

A real Sourcing-Ninja as a Recruiter will therefore find you if you have entered enough professional keywords. However,  you want to be found by all Recruiters, including the beginners in this field within LinkedIn.

When you have filled your LinkedIn profile with appropriate keywords which on the one hand cover your experience and on the other hand guide you to roles in which you are going to grow in the coming years, you will undoubtedly welcome more visitors on your LinkedIn profile.

Proactively contacting recruiters

There is something else you can do to get noticed by Recruiters of all types. As a jobseeker, you are going to look up the Recruiter on LinkedIn yourself. How much fun is that? So seeing and being seen! We people are curious in nature. This comes in useful when you are in the market for a new step in your career.

Just fill in the LinkedIn search bar; ‘Recruiter’ and then click on ‘People’ right underneath the search bar. Bet you’ll run into a lot of Recruiters. Put a space after the term Recruiter and then the city name of the nearest city in your area and you will mainly see LinkedIn profiles of Recruiters in your area.


And now what? Now you are going to look at the LinkedIn profiles of the Recruiters in question, all of them. There is a small restriction to this, the last time I picked up something similar I was temporarily blocked by LinkedIn after approximately 50 to 60 viewed profiles because this was noticed as commercial use limit of the free LinkedIn account. The next day I could continue, however that isn’t always the case. Your account may not reset until the net 30-day cycle.

Maybe unnecessarily to mention, the above tips are only useful if you have set up your LinkedIn profile publicly of course! A must in this time of finding and being found!

Good luck with your new job! Undoubtedly you will come into contact with a very good Recruiter!

Jeroen Snip ,International Recruiter , LinkedIn – Boolean Trainer

In business since 2000, I’m experienced within desk and corporate international recruitment. We review approximately 1000 LinkedIn profiles per week. I like to advise people with their career goals from my profession, and on the other hand, I am active on a daily basis in bringing my clients into contact with future colleagues, who are often hard to find for them, worldwide!

*Feel free to check my LinkedIn profile, and contact me. Who knows, we might benefit from each other!

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