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“LinkedIn is sending more referral traffic to the publishing platform and expected to continue” – Digiday Jan 20, 2016


LinkedIn Publisher 101

LinkedIn publishing platform is catapulting personal and brand awareness for those who are using the platform strategically and correctly with a well-developed strategy. I invite you to work with me.

Why would you want to invest in a LinkedIn publishing strategy?

 - Because you want to share your expertise in a bigger way.
 - You are ready to stop wasting time and start investing time
 - Show your expertise and authority to more people at a time


Work with me for 2 hours to fast-track your exposure and build your authority!


Here is what you can expect and my committment to your success:


Learn to develop a publishing strategy for the year.

I will teach you how to create compelling headlines that attracts readers.
Learn why and how to develop the right calls to action.
I will help you write an effective authors bio that you use everytime.
I will create a distribution channel both for LinkedIn and other social networks.
I will show you what images are effective & where to find them.
I will teach you engagement strategies to enourage people to comment.


I will review your old and new content for both layout, keywords and message effectiveness.


I am comitted to your success. Therefore if you have any questions prior to getting started, please don't hestitate to contact me:   joanne@linkedinforbusiness.net


I look forward ro working with you!

JoAnne Funch

LinkedIn Strategist, Speaker and Trainer