LinkedIn Redesigns Company Pages

LinkedIn Redesigns Company Pages

LinkedIn is rolling out a new redesign for company pages which is much more robust offering great opportunity to build both your brand and employer awareness. Company pages give you tools to drive quality applicants and measure key results on your brand’s engagement.

The redesign is congruent with the upcoming personal profile redesign and offers the same visuals we see now on the mobile design.  If your company page has not rolled out with the updates, this article will show you what is coming.

Here is what you need to know

When you first access your company page you will see this box appear:
LinkedIn Redesigns Company Pages

As previously, authorized admins are the only people who have access to post or change content on a company page.
Company page admins can access the page via the “view admin pages” link. I recommend you have multiple admins for your company page because if an employee leaves you still should have a couple of others who can access the admin panel.  Remove the old employee and continue without a pause in posting of your company content.

LinkedIn Redesigns Company Pages

Updates Tab

This is where you add new posts into the company feed. You can click share an article, photo, Update. Click on the photo icon to add an image to your text update. To add a video or slide share click the link icon. Your posts can then be targeted to a specific audience located in the drop-down menu next to the share button.

Updated appear in descending order on the page with the newest post on top.  Admins can see the analytics for each post from the admin page.

Overview Tab

Shows the overview of what has been posted on your company page.  Here you want to add a company header image of 1536 x 768 pixels and the business name, tagline, and company logo.  Next, complete the ‘About Us’ section. Be sure the first few lines make the point of who you are and what you do.

LinkedIn Redesigns Company Pages

Add a company image and complete the specialties which are your key words. These are important to be found in search results by keyword. Remember to ‘Publish’ your page following the input of all the fields.

LinkedIn redesigns Company Pages
LinkedIn redesigns Company Pages

Reach the Right Talent – Career Tab

Note: The Life and Jobs tab of a Company Page are new paid features known as Career Pages that help engage potential candidates with your mission, opportunities, and culture through customizable features and dynamic content. Learn more about purchasing Career Pages for your Company Page.

The Life Tab offers a view into the company, people, and culture through engaging images and text. Views of your company content get delivered into the newsfeed of those people who match your keywords and content. Views are customizable so they can be created to your desired audience.
Click on ‘Create New View’ and create your new view then add an image or video. The idea is to grab the viewers’ attention and give them a sense of what your company is about. This is ideal for attracting the right talent to your company.

Add company leaders by connecting their LinkedIn profiles!  This is a huge benefit for those companies whose leaders have a dynamic presence on LinkedIn.  This is key to attracting younger employees who value knowing that leadership has a presence.

There is a place for spotlight photos, highlighted You Tube videos and slide share presentations. Another great feature is linking to your employee’s articles they may have posted on Pulse highlighting the thought leadership within your organization.

You have the capability to target each piece of content to an audience. Targeting can be set-up by language, geography and job function, there are also advanced targeting options to hyper- focus your content to the ideal audience.

You can now communicate your company story to the ideal prospects or audience you want to reach and because this is a paid feature those companies who are willing to invest will stand out and dominate LinkedIn’s newsfeed and company search results.

Jobs Tab

The tab is under ‘Career Pages.’  This is where you can list available jobs at your company.  The exciting piece on this tab is the ability for a job seeker to see the profiles of prospective team mates as well as employee insights giving a more comprehensive view of employee’s experience, education, skills and location.   When you view a company from your profile, you appear in the ‘Jobs’ area and are matched by your skills to possible jobs in the company you are searching.
This feature is really exciting for job seekers and an example of why your profile needs to be complete and optimized for your ideal key words if you want to be found in a job search.

Driving your employer brand with these opportunities will help you attract the right candidates.

LinkedIn Redesigns Company Pages

Analytics Tab

Measure key results with the data from your company page.  You can track updates, visitors, and followers.

Notifications Tab

This shows you how your content is engaging your visitors.  You can measure your company’s social actions by likes, comments, shares, and mentions.  There is a panel called ‘The most engaging updates’ where admins can interact with comments directly from the notifications tab.

Company Pages Build Better Relationships

Building a company page that is engaging, one that pulls back the curtain of your company simply makes sense. People are now more attracted to companies that are more human in that they share publicly the people and culture.  They answer the question, why should you work here? And why should you try our services?< Relationships matter more than ever because how we do business has changed. Having a company page that is relevant with consistent posts will drive engagement and trust. Investing time and resources on a LinkedIn company page makes sense as a long-term strategy in building your brand.

5 Tips to Building Company Page Awareness

• Once your page is all set, drive traffic its way with a compelling blog post or email announcement asking people to follow your page for your latest updates

• Encourage employees to engage with the content on your company page with comments and shares

• Be helpful in your status updates – newsy but not salesy

• Make images a focus of each post – they are simply more engaging

• Post consistently and frequently to your audience – ideally 1x per day

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