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Top LinkedIn Resources for Business Professionals

Top LinkedIn resources for business professionals
Top LinkedIn resources for business professionals

LinkedIn for business offers resources for training individuals and companies to gain more exposure and driven leads and sales. Be sure to check out our LinkedIn services page.

We carefully double check all LinkedIn Resources that we recommend to be sure that you are putting your valuable time into the LinkedIn resources for a profile that will offer you the greatest benefit. Whether you are seeking to boost your own business profile or to offer potential hiring managers at various businesses a better summary of your skills, we can help. Our tips and insights will help your alignment with the job you’re seeking or the prospective clients you want to reach.

6 Terms to Know To Best Utilize LinkedIn Resources

Before you dive into maximizing the many valuable resources for using LinkedIn more proficiently, familiarize yourself with these useful terms to know when using LinkedIn:

1. Connections

– Connections are other registered users who you know personally on LinkedIn. You can invite anyone to be a connection as long as they have a LinkedIn account.

2. Second-degree connections

– These are the connections that your connections have. For example, you’re friends with Henry, who is directly connected with his boss. Henry’s boss is a second-degree connection for you.

3. Third-degree connection

– Any connections from your second-degree connects are third-degree connections. So, Henry’s boss’s connections would be your third-degree connections.

4. Profile page

– This is your personal profile on LinkedIn. All registered users with LinkedIn can view it (unless you set it to be a private page). Your profile page can list your education, past work history, current and past projects, groups and associations, and more. Users can also forward your profile page to contacts on their lists. You can also make your profile page “public” so that anyone (even people not on LinkedIn) can view it.

5. Recommendations

– Your connections can write recommendations, or testimonials, for your profile. Recommendations are more powerful than endorsements; you want to be intentional about those people you ask for recommendations with the goal of building your credibility.

6. Invitations

– Building a network of meaningful connections takes effort and strategy. Collecting names of people you never engage with is usually of little benefit. Always send a personalized invitation letting the person know what you want to connect and be friendly and short with your first message. Follow-up messages can be longer and more detailed. The goal is to build a network of colleagues, prospects and referral partners.

LinkedIn Resource for Character Limits – Your Reference Guide

  1. First name = 20 characters, Last Name = 40 characters (do not include any other info in your name field)
  2. Professional headline = 120 character limit
  3. Summary section = 2,000 character limit
  4. Position title = 100 character limit
  5. Position description section = 200 minimum and 1000 maximum characters
  6. Interests = 1,000 characters
  7. Recommendations = 3,000 character limit
  8. Advice for contacting = 2,000 character limit
  9. Website Anchor Text (under contact tab) = 30 maximum characters
  10. Website URL = 256 character max
  11. Custom URL = 29 characters for your name after
  12. Phone = 25 character limit (see only by 1st degree connections)
  13. Address = 1000 character limit (see only by 1st degree connections)
  14. Skills section = 80 characters per skill
  15. LinkedIn status update = 600 maximum characters
  16. LinkedIn In-mail message = 2,000 character limit
  18. Company name = 100 maximum characters
  19. Company page description = 200 min and 1500 maximum
  20. Company status update = 600 characters or 250 if a link is included
  21. Showcase page name = 100 maximum characters
  22. Showcase page description = 75 minimum and 200 maximum
  24. Title of a discussion = 200 maximum characters
  25. Body of a group discussion = 2,000 characters
  26. Comments to a discussion = 1,000 characters

Visually Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile and Company Page

You will want to take advantage of adding visual content on LinkedIn to tell your professional and brand story.

According the thew digital marketing company Hubspot, they reported that “90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text.” (Sources: 3M Corporation and Zabisco)

“40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text.” (Source:


BACKGROUND BANNER – top of your profile page, this image offers you an opportunity to visually share your brand or share an image that is meaningful to you. Use a JPG, PNG, or GIF under 4MB in size. A resolution of 1400 by 425 pixels looks best. (Effective in 2017 with the new user interface the new image size will be 1536 x 768)

PROFILE PICTURE – 400 x 400 pixels

LINKEDIN STATUS UPDATE IMAGE – When posting a status update with a link a thumbnail photo automatically is pulled and the size is 180 pixels wide x 110 pixels tall. I recommend that you create and post your own image for maximum effect in the newsfeed. That image size should be 1200 x 627.

COMPANY PAGE BANNER IMAGE – The recommended size for your LinkedIn company page image is a minimum of 646 pixels wide by 220 pixels high. Your companies standard logo should be 100 pixels wide by 60 pixels high, and your square logo should be 50 pixels wide by 50 pixels high. *With the new company page redesign in 2017, company header image of 1536 x 768 pixels and the business name, tagline, and company logo.

SHOWCASE BUSINESS PAGE – Showcase pages focus on your specific products or services under your company page. LinkedIn recommends that a showcase page’s hero image is a minimum of 974 pixels wide by 330 pixels high. Your companies standard logo should be 100 pixels wide by 60 pixels high, and your companies square logo should be 50 pixels wide by 50 pixels high.

AD IMAGES – The recommended image size for LinkedIn self-serve ads is 50 pixels wide by 50 pixels high. The recommended image size for sponsored updates is 800 pixels wide by 400 pixels high.

IMAGES FOR STATUS UPDATE POSTS – I have found no specific image size recommendations for photos uploaded directly in a status update post to your profile or company page. You could go with the recommended image size for sponsored updates of 800 pixels wide by 400 pixels high. I use a free graphics tool called Canva to make my social media graphics and they offer pre-made template sizes. I will use the graphic size for for Facebook which is 940 x 788 pixels and it works fine.

The LinkedIn® Company offers a wide variety of resources designed for your success. Click on each title below to learn more:

* Small Business Resource Center: The small business resources give you the tools, tips, and guidance you need to make the most out of LinkedIn.

* Learn about your personal branding: A strong personal brand can help your business stand out.

* Marketing on LinkedIn: Attract new customers and connect with your target audience on LinkedIn.

* Sales: Sales come easier when you’re talking to the right people. Find them on LinkedIn.

* Hiring: The right hire can transform your business. Find yours on LinkedIn.

* LinkedIn Lookup – (For companies) LinkedIn Lookup allows you to find, contact, and learn about people at your company. You can search for someone by name, job function, title, and other keywords.

LinkedIn Mobile APPS

With over 50% of LinkedIn users are accessing the platform on mobile devices, there are a variety of useful APPS you should consider downloading to your mobile device. These APPS are designed to make the user experience easy and make your network accessible.

LinkedIn Mobile AppMobile APP

Available for both iOS & Android
You can access your LinkedIn account on your cell phone or mobile device using one of our mobile applications (apps) or the mobile web link. This helps you stay connected to your professional network at all times.

LinkedIn Connected AppLinkedIn Connected APP

LinkedIn Connected lets you:

The Connected mobile app for iPhone or Android is a great way to keep in touch with your network.

* Get notified about job changes, birthdays, work anniversaries, and more. You can use the app’s updates on people you know as opportunities to reach out and strengthen your network.

* Learn more about the people you’re meeting with.

* Sync your calendars and contacts all in one place.

Please note as of October 2015:
– The app is available on iPhone, for iOS 7+ and Android 4.0+. It’s not iPad optimized.
Easy functionality: Swipe side-to-side to view cards and updates from your network.

LinkedIn Groups AppLinkedIn Groups APP
New as of Oct 6th, 2015
Currently available on iOS only, Android coming soon

LinkedIn Pulse AppLinkedIn Pulse APP
With the new LinkedIn Pulse app, we’ve launched a unified experience across desktop and mobile to become the daily source for news about the professional world. By leveraging LinkedIn’s unique member insights, the LinkedIn Pulse app is even more personalized – based on who you are, your career, and your interests.

See what your network and peers are reading, read the top news in your industry, and get notified when your connections make the news or write about their experiences.

Should you upgrade to a paid LinkedIn Subscription?

I get asked this question all the time and the short reply is yes. If you want to take advantage of the true power of LinkedIn I encourage you to explore the benefits of an upgraded subscription.

* LinkedIn Premium

* LinkedIn For Recruiters

* LinkedIn For Job Seekers

* LinkedIn for Sales Professionals with Sales Navigator

Several of the paid features are really insightful. “Who’s viewed my profile” is something I check on a daily basis.

On a Basic or free account, you have access to the following;

  • If you have your setting set to display your name and headline when viewing profiles, you’ll see the 5 most recent viewers in the last 90 days, as well as a list of suggestions for increasing your profile views.
  • Once you have 5 or more viewers in a 90-day period, you’ll see a graph above the list of viewers. The graph displays weekly trends for views of your profile over the past 90 days, as well as other viewer insights such as:
    • Where your profile viewers work and live.
    • Where they found you from.
    • Their industry and job titles.

If you have a Premium or paid account, you have larger access & more data:

  • You’ll see the entire list of viewers from the past 90 days. If you have at least one viewer in the past 90 days, you’ll also see the viewer trends and insights.
  • In addition to the free account experience, you’ll be able to click into the weekly data points to filter your viewer list down to viewers from that week. You can do the same for viewer insights.

According to LinkedIn, with any account on desktop, you might see a row of suggested actions you can take to increase your profile views to broaden your network and increase your opportunities. These include prompts to:

  • Follow Influencers
  • Join groups
  • Add skills
  • Contact suggested people


  • These people aren’t your profile viewers. If you have a Premium account, you may need to scroll past this row to see the rest of your viewers.
  • Even if you have a Premium account, you won’t see the names of viewers who choose to browse in private mode. We respect the privacy of members who don’t wish to reveal information about themselves when viewing profiles.

I look for trends in the types of people who are viewing my profile, this enables me to make better decisions. I often will proactively reach out to some of the people who have viewed my profile if they fit my ideal connection profile.


Another advantage of a premium account are the advanced search fields. If you upgrade your account you can dive deeper and get better results such as: unlimited profile search, years of experience, seniority level, function, and company size. All of these are very important if you are using LinkedIn as a lead generation tool.


I recommend you consider the benefits of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This upgrade is designed to help you focus on the right prospects, gathering the right insights whereby you can start to build long-term relationships through the social selling process. The sales process has changed and so how we sell has had to follow suit. People buy from people they have relationships with. Now is the time to develop you social savvy skills on LinkedIn.

Click UPGRADE under your account settings for details and pricing under each category and you can learn more here: The bottom line, with your paid subscription you have access to more data and deeper insights resulting in better results more quickly. Start with the lesser expensive packages because you can always upgrade the next higher package later!



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