LinkedIn Retires Signal

LinkedIn Retires Signal FeatureNews that LinkedIn Retires Signal Today

LinkedIn Signal will no longer be available s of July 29, 2013.

  After this date, you will no longer be able to search status updates or access any of your saved Signal searches. Until then, you can access Signal from the Search page, by clicking the Update Type link on the left side of the page. Data security company Imperva announced that more than 6.5 million passwords may have leaked out.

While you may be skeptical of handing over your LinkedIn password to a security provider for passwords, rest assured that the hash algorithm function converts your password into a series of characters. This process is extremely difficult for hackers to reverse, so your original password cannot be reconstructed from their hash outcome.

If you decide to do nothing else, ramp up your password security anyway by switching out weak passwords for a more complex one that consists of numbers, upper and lower case letters, and special characters.

Before LinkedIn Retires Signal

LinkedIn’s signal feature was initially released in 2010 and at that point Signal offered of 6 primary features:

1. The ability to filter updates in your stream by connection level, industry, company, location, time frame, schools, groups, hashtag (topic), seniority, and update type.
2. Searching for keyword phrased, favorite topic, and/or individuals in your stream
3. Automatic updates to your LinkedIn stream, making it easier than refreshing your page
4. Popular Links to most often viewed, read or shared content
5. See what connections are sharing via trending links
6. Saved “at the moment” searches

While LinkedIn Retires Signal, new features continue to be offered. Check out the latest and greatest on LinkedIn. The platform continues to evolve and offer new features to meet user demand and help you generate valuable leads on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Signal was an enormous improvement over its predecessor, Network Activity, yet it is time to march on from better to best. The core feature that hailed LinkedIn’s Signal was its real-time content stream. When LinkedIn first launched its Signal feature, a new product intended to make faster for professionals to view streaming updates and news. The Signal interface, which was similar to characteristics of Facebook’s News Feed and Twitter’s website, featured streaming updates from member LinkedIn contacts, category filters to sort updates. It also included a sidebar displaying trending links.

I have trained many business professionals how to use LinkedIn Signal, but now have new features to teach you how to use.

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