LinkedIn Success Stories 2019: Professional Speaker, Author, Coach Crushes Leads

One professional speaker cracked the code to leverage LinkedIn as a tool to generate leads and bookings and coaching clients – want to know how he does it?

Yes, you can generate business leads using LinkedIn for business according to Dr. Jermaine Davis a Minneapolis based professional speaker, author and coach. In this video interview I talked with Jermaine about his LinkedIn success story. He shares how he built his brand, connected with the right people and developed a strategy of adding value to those people he was connected with and those in his larger network.

Adding Value is Easy and Profitable

Jermaine’s philosophy is always to add value to people. He carries this into all his LinkedIn posts. He told me he loves quotes, but just doesn’t post a quote, he would explain how you could apply the message to your personal, private or professional life.

He has had such impact on people that often random people he sees in the public mention that they read one of his post on LinkedIn and how meaningful it was. Jermaine’s key is sharing content to enrich people’s lives and the rewards are brand recognition, new business opportunities and referrals.

“Imagine that all your relationships have a bank account, either you are making deposits or with drawls.”

– Dr. Jermaine Davis

Build an Engagement Strategy

In my article on how service professionals use LinkedIn for lead generation, I state,building an engagement strategy should be part of your overall marketing strategy – LinkedIn is a tool that will simply help you to build off these steps:

• Getting found
• Build trust and influence
• Educate and Inform your target audience
• Nurture Relationships
• Convert leads to sales

Jermaine does a brilliant job engaging people and says in the interview, “When you add value its easier for people to want to help you in return! Nurturing means slowing down and learning what people want and then giving it to them. Invest mental and emotional capital into relationships or it seems transactional.”

“People don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care”.

– Dr. Jermaine Davis


  • Be consistent – A quality of trust is consistency.
  • Enrich & add value to those who follow you.
  • Not having time is an excuse – when you talk about moving your business forward, how can you not have time?
  • Be referable – find your niche of colleagues who will make referrals. This has been a game-changer for Jermaine as he explains in the interview.

So, did you learn Jermaine’s strategy that has gotten his many bookings and coaching clients?
I’d love to hear your story in the comments below.

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