Make Your LinkedIn Status Updates Stand Out With Images

Make Your LinkedIn Status Updates Stand Out With ImagesLinkedIn Status Updates Stand Out With Images

We know that the trend in social media has been image driven.   We are drawn more to images than to text. There is no exception with the image-driven LinkedIn social site; you want to make your status updates optimized and stand out with images.

Over the past year or so LinkedIn has provided us with the ability to create our own banner image for the top of our optimized LinkedIn profile, we can add images to each section of our profile along with other media types and company pages now can be branded with large banners as can showcase pages. If you are using LinkedIn’s publishing platform, you want to add the large header image to highlight your post.

Getting your status update noticed on LinkedIn

There has never been a better time to gain brand exposure on LinkedIn!

Learn how much LinkedIn status updates stand out with images. A stunning profile improves your chances for success in LinkedIn lead generation. I am always teaching people to be an engaged LinkedIn user and that means posting status updates with relevant content that would interest your connections as well as actively commenting on others status updates and posts. I have always said that people need to stop lurking and get in the game of online networking! Think of it this way, if you registered and attended a networking function you wouldn’t stand in a corner and not talk with anyone – right? You would find ways to engage others in a conversation. I often think people try to hard on social network to think of clever things to say rather than just being yourself, listen actively and start to build a relationship.

“Users are more likely to engage with brands if they post pictures than any other media” – Jay Baer, Author of Youtility

How to Match a LinkedIn Image to your Text

The most effective way to stand out with a LinkedIn status update is by adding an image to your text that is sized to the maximize the space you have available. A good size image for a status update is 550 x 375 pixels which is the same size you would use for a sponsored update (ad) that appears in the newsfeed. I recommend creating a new graphic image to accompany your own blog post, otherwise when you put a link to your blog post in the status update it automatically pulls any image you have in embedded in the article, however the size of the image that is pulled is very small and will not have the same impact in the newsfeed.

This image illustrates how an image displays when it is pulled from a link such as your blog post. Utilizing the following tips will means that you can help your LinkedIn Status Updates stand out with great images.

This image illustrates how an image that is designed for maximum space size fills the entire area below the text in the newsfeed. Your eye is automatically drawn to the larger images when you scroll through the news feed.

LinkedIn Status Updates Stand Out With ImagesLinkedIn Status Updates Stand Out With Images

Investing in great content combined with excellent imagery

Effectively creating original images that look great and provide maximum exposure does requires extra effort and time. If you are a small business owner, than I know you are challenged with time but I ask you to consider the quality over the quantity of what you share. If you want to be noticed and stand out from the crowd than a relevant image can help tell your story before the reader ever clicks the link.

According to Donna Moritz owner of Socially Sorted, “with any piece of content, you have to think about what you want it to do and where you want people to go. A great place to start is with content that helps and inspires people. For a more shareable factor, you can make it timely content to coincide with breaking news, a celebration or an event.”

“If we can learn how to use images, photos, video, and other visual media in our online marketing, then we have a greater chance of reaching more people with our message. This then provides the opportunity for more exposure as visuals drive traffic to our websites products and services.” – Donna Moritz, Socially Sorted

Simple Ways to Create Great Images For Your LinkedIn Profile

* First be sure the image you are using or creating is relevant to the text or article you are posting as a status update.

* Do it yourself with tools such as and . These tools are fairly simple to use and allow for branding with your company logo & URL.

* If you don’t have the time to create images, hire a graphic designer. It is worth the small investment to have your content stand out and be noticed. I am happy to help you make your LinkedIn status updates stand out with images.

Custom Images for LinkedIn posts

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Services for LinkedIn Status Updates
If you are seeking to do more on LinkedIn, gain the benefits of my services. I can help you review your LinkedIn status updates and determine (1) where better images can help you be remembered by contacts in your network, and (2) how to gain visibility and get noticed by people who may be looking for an individual just like you.


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9 Responses

  1. The image size definitely affects engagement, Joan, which in turn leads to new opportunities to connect with others or even get a status update shared, if the content is meaningful. I’ve experimented with the size of the image and want to thank you for sharing the best pixel size.

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  3. Hi Joanne,

    Thank you so much for this blog post! I needed the image size for LinkedIn “Share an update” feature and you gave it to me – the image I created at 550 x 375 works perfectly. I use a program called Canva which has many templates already sized, but they don’t have one for LinkedIn’s sharing an update in the stream. They have Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn cover images, Facebook Post, you can even create a Postcard that will print as high quality – my sister tested. I’ve looked at many of the infographics with image sizes and they seem to forget to add the size for “sharing an update” on LinkedIn. Going to tweet your article.

    1. Susan – thanks for taking the time to comment. I am not sure why LinkedIn graphics always get left out but as you know having a great image really makes your post come to life and get noticed. Thanks for offering to share, I would appreciate getting this info out! – JoAnne

  4. Hi,
    I have noticed that when posting more than one photo with an update it always chooses the second photo as the shot in the update notice, not the head shot? Why is this? and is there a way to CHOOSE the photo that appears in peoples feeds with your update? Thank you

    1. Katrina,
      thanks for your question. If you are posting an update with a URL it auto pulls the thumbnail from the article which you have no control over. If it is your content you are posting I recommend you create a custom image 578 x 353 pixels, then when you post the url you X out the content that auto pulls, you then choose the square image icon and upload the image you just created. So now you have a link to the article AND the image you created. if this is confusing email me and I will send you a short video. [email protected]

  5. Hi JoAnne,

    I am trying to post an image that when clicked on will go to the link in the text area I am including. The issue I’m having is, if I upload the image first the image does not link to the landing page I have in the text area. If I input the text with the link first then add an image there is a website name and description to the right of my image that makes my image a smaller size, I’d like to just have the full size image. Any suggestions on how to make the image a link?

    1. Kendal,

      I understand what you are trying to do.
      You can add the link to your sales page under your into text, when the thumbnail image pops up, ‘X’ it out in the upper right corner, then add your own image which you do in the upper right corner of the text box. The glitch is linking your image…I don’t know a workaround for that so the link you put in the status update box should be the link to your sales page. Feel free to email me directly wth any other questions, [email protected]

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