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                 Master Your LINKEDIN PROFILE

      NOW is the time for business owners & corporate leaders to
Nail Your Personal Brand & Gain a Competitive Advantage!

Friday, April 17th
12 PM CST | 1:00 PM EST | 10:00AM PST


Walk away knowing EXACTLY how to highlight
what you stand for,
Why you are credible and how to position your brand to gain attention & meet your goals.

JoAnne Funch

NOW more than ever - you need to stand out & connect to gain opportunities.
Not connecting will only create more social distancing!

Be the type of person you want to meet!

Here is what a well-developed branded profile can do for you:

Attract leads and clients who need your services

Establish trust much faster

Enhance your professional reputation

Facilitate relationships with key decision makers

Build your credibility and authority

Stand out and leave a lasting impression

If your profile is not working for you, than this training is for you!


By the end of this virtual training,
you will know how to flush out and write your personal brand story and update your LinkedIn
profile like a pro!

Most people teaching LinkedIn focus on the basics of how to fill in each section of your profile but they never teach you how to flush out and create your personal brand or position yourself as a resource and NOT a resume so you stand out.

Resumes typically provide historical information and don’t expand on WHO YOU ARE NOW

"JoAnne helped me update my LinkedIn profile. She listened to my story. She distilled my core messages and turned those into great messages for a profile. I thought I had written what I had said, but she clearly pointed out that what I thought I said and what I wrote were not the same. Thanks, Coach. Everyone needs a coach to hear their ideas and bring them to the next level."
- Dan Janal, Developmental Book Editor

Dan Janal Testimonial

This value packed intensive training includes: 

  • Pro secrets to uncovering and developing your personal brand
  • How to think like a resource, not a resume to attract the ideal client, job or establish authority
  • Simple steps to establish your credibility & develop your uniqueness
    ( Before & After Examples)
  • Steps to optimize your profile to be found in search results
  • Visual branding must-have’s to enhance your profile
  • What to include in your About section that tells your career story 
  • Examples of profiles from a variety of industries, jobs and career objectives
  • Multi-media that sells your profile
  • ...and more proven tips that lead to more profile views and connection requests




“When it comes to understanding LinkedIn, and what makes a great LinkedIn profile, JoAnne is among the best of the best. She helps clients turn an average profile into a great profile, and that helps them get noticed. If you want to stand out on LinkedIn, JoAnne can help gets results.”

Matt Krumrie

About JoAnne Funch

I believe most people are yearning for meaningful connections and a deep desire to be heard not only personally but professionally.  

I relocated from southern California to my hometown of Minneapolis in 2007 starting my life over following some personal life-changing events.

Starting my life over personally was hard – starting my business over in a new state with no clients and no business connections, was even harder. I’m sure you’ve been there, or maybe you're there now – wondering where your next client or job is coming from - right?  

Like you, I needed a way to connect with the business community and gain exposure to those who were influencers in the community and those I might want to do business with.  

In 2007 LinkedIn had only been around 4 years and there were 8,000,000 members worldwide. Digital marketing was growing and people in that niche were hungry to get connected online. To give you some perspective, as of early 2018 there are 546,000,000 members worldwide.  

Following my own personal success in making new connections, building brand awareness and driving leads I started teaching others what I have learned. It is your time to STAND OUT - not fit in!

Joanne Funch, LinkedIn Trainer, Strategist