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Training for professionals who want to be “ALL IN” In poker, you put in all your chips when you are confident of a winning hand. In business, are you willing to raise your stakes and invest in your best to get INvited, become INvolved and lead with INfluence? LinkedIn is the #1 social media tool for professionals who want to be “All IN.” and successfully generate leads.

TOP 6 REASONS TO HIRE JOANNE FUNCHMeeting planners key learning objectives.

1. Expertise  2. Relevance  3. Easy to work with  4.  Interaction  5.  Experience 6. Authenticity

Popular LinkedIn Workshops Include:

What Does Your LinkedIn Profile Say About You?  How to Build, Nurture & Grow Your Digital Relationships Why you need a LinkedIn Content & Engagement Strategy Your Network is your Net Worth – Building a Rock Solid Network How Executives and Leader Benefit From LinkedIn • LinkedIn For Lead Generation: Social Selling

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“You only get one chance to make a first impression” – How are you managing your online reputation? You’ve all heard this statement before. There are currently 500+ million profiles on LinkedIn – how will your profile stand out? How will you communicate so people take notice? As a professional, knowing how to create a compelling profile, communicate with messages that build relationship and manage your time will make LinkedIn your most important tool.

What others say about JoAnne Funch:

My workshops are ideal for Professionals, Corporate and Small Businesses Did you know that 1 out of every 3 professionals globally is on LinkedIn? 72.6% of salespeople who use social media outperform their colleagues who aren’t using it and last year alone, there were 5.7 billion searches performed on LinkedIn. LinkedIn can build your credibility, leverage your professional brand to fill your pipeline with the right people, information and relationships

LinkedIn learning objectives for Meeting Planners:

* What a Google search on your name reveals about your reputation *  Optimizing your LinkedIn profile for the ideal key words *  How to craft your LinkedIn summary for credibility, connection and solutions *  Go from dis-interesting to interesting with multi-media * Leverage skills, endorsements and recommendations * How to write invitations and messages designed to build a relationship

Sampling of companies I have worked with and conferences I have presented for:  Meeting Planners should nvest in thierLinkedIn connections

INvest in your connections – Influential Strategies for Winning Through Social Selling

How we do business has changed for business buyers and consumers alike. Buyers have already made a decision before you reach them – your job is to become the person they remember when they are ready to do business. Social Selling is the new revolution in Sales and we must embrace it now, or get left behind.

What Professional Meeting Planners Can Learn

Key Learning Objectives:  INvitation, INvolvement, INfluence

(This workshop is ideal for Sales teams, Business owners and Managers) 1.  LinkedIn has become about driving relationships and engagement 2. Social selling is about investigative research 3. Engagement – why, where and how to be more effective and involved 4. How content creation builds your credibility 5. Staying top of mind with targeted messages 6. Develop a serving mentality

Are you invisible or In charge? – Get Your LinkedIn Profile Noticed by Recruiters & Hiring Managers

(This workshop is ideal for job seekers, job groups, Departments of Employment and Economic Development, Veteran organizations and Colleges/Universities) Recruiters routinely utilize LinkedIn in searching for qualified candidates.  How will you stand out from the crowd? To attract the attention of recruiters and hiring managers, it is imperative to reflect the criteria recruiters are looking for and be ready when opportunity comes knocking.

Key Learning Objectives:

1. Increase your page views with a completed profile 2. How to showcase the breadth of your experience, skills and accomplishments 3. What your character tells employers and the reason what you care about matters 4. How to nurture your professional relationships 5. Crafting your LinkedIn summary  for the ideal position 6. The importance of gathering great recommendations 7. Tools and resources to help you be more efficient and effective

What others say about our workshops that help meeting planners:

“JoAnne was a hit at our annual Minnesota Business Partnership Executive Assistant Conference in October. Her presentation was popular because it offered timely, easy to understand and practical advice. She’s a professional who is really easy to work with and so much fun to learn from! Our attendees are hoping I ask her back next year!” – Katie Chisholm Nadeau, Director of Operations at Minnesota Business Partnership

LinkedIn for Business

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