New Layout For LinkedIn Groups

New Layout For LinkedIn Groups

Recently there has been a modification and really streamlined the function of LinkedIn groups.

According to LinkedIn, “there have been more than 2 million Groups created around almost every topic imaginable — from entrepreneurship, philanthropy and careers to social and digital marketing. These communities have become places where our members are exchanging and sharing their experiences, business knowledge, interests and ideas with other like-minded professionals daily.”

Customize Your LinkedIn Group Manager

LinkedIn has provided Group managers with the ability to “customize and visually differentiate their conversation space.” As with the new larger LinkedIn images added in the past year to the entire platform, groups now will have the same customizable look. Under the new layout for LinkedIn Groups, you have more and better options to make the most of LinkedIn and stay top of mind.

New Layout For LinkedIn Groups – Easier Navigation

By clicking on the located to the right of the member button you can access the dashboard of the group site where you can easily adjust your settings, review the profile and rules of the group.

Pay attention to the rules of the group

During my LinkedIn trainings I always teach people to respect the rules of the group and everyone wins. This means starting and participating in relevant discussions to the group and NEVER posting promotions or blatant self-promotions for lead generation. If you do have something to promote, there is a promotions tab for just that! Groups can be a great way to network with others and shine as an authority.

LinkedIn unveiled a new design for the LinkedIn Groups pages on Thursday, providing a new look to one of the platform’s most popular features. ~

The new and improve LinkedIn groups layout puts more emphasis on user content. This makes it easier for users to determine who has commented on a Group post or follow a dialog in the comments thread. Additionally, group moderators find that customizing the Group’s image at the top of the page.

“I have seen people build their entire business, market a number of products and services, sell out their paid events, and become thought leaders in their niche all around a single LinkedIn group.” – Lewis Howes

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Learn About Messaging your LinkedIn Groups

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4 Responses

  1. Well said, JoAnne.

    Also, it seems the group layout was streamlined again … to be even more mobile friendly.

    1. Yes Alan you are correct and an update to this article is in order! Thanks for adding your comment. – JoAnne

  2. I used to be able to post my articles to a number of Linkedin Groups I had joined, by simply typing the first letters of the group and the system filled up the rest
    That window has disappeared. It seems that, at best, I should find each group individually and post. Even so, when I type in the group, I get names of people I don’t know.
    Frankly very confusing and I will have to give up on Linkedin.
    Whoever thought this to be a clever update was (to be euphemistic) mistaken

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