Are You A Job Title Or A Personal Brand?

When you consider yourself a job title, you’re not conveying that you’re uniquely and authentically relevant to your clients. THAT’S what makes most people generic, replaceable and just another name in your field!

Don't do that!!!

Grab this guide, you'll learn 10 Tweaks to Your Personal Branding That Gets People to Pay Attention!

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About JoAnne Funch

I believe most people are yearning for meaningful connections and a deep desire to be heard not only personally but professionally.  

I relocated from southern California to my hometown of Minneapolis in 2007 starting my life over following some personal life-changing events.

Starting my life over personally was hard – starting my business over in a new state with no clients and no business connections, was even harder. I’m sure you’ve been there – wondering where your next client was coming from right?  

Like you, I needed a way to connect with the business community and gain exposure to those who were influencers in the community and those I might want to do business with.  

In 2007 LinkedIn had only been around 4 years and there were 8,000,000 members worldwide. Digital marketing was growing and people in thavet niche were hungry to get connected online. To give you some perspective, as of early 2018 there are 546,000,000 members worldwide.  

Following my own personal success in making new connections, building brand awareness and driving leads I started teaching others what I have learned. It is your time to STAND OUT - not fit in!

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