Possible Stolen Passwords on LinkedIn

Possible Stolen Passwords on LinkedIn

Leaked or Possible Stolen Passwords on LinkedIn

We live in a digital world and with that goes responsibility for protecting our online identities.  One way to protect your sites and identity is to change your passwords often.  I know what a hassle that can be, but the ramifications can be very damaging.

I use a tool called Roboform which saves my passwords and allows me quick access right from the tool bar on Firefox which is my browser of choice.  This way I can edit passwords and don’t have to remember the new one because I store them in my Roboform account.  There are other online password programs and I encourage you to look into it not only for safety but it is so easy and convenient.

Another tip I learned from a web developer was to never save your password on your computers program that auto reminds you to save.  It is apparently much easier for thieves to get those off your computer so again have a locked program you purchase and add to your computer makes more sense.

Back in 2012 LinkedIn reported that some 6.5 million encrypted LinkedIn passwords had leaked.

Obviously with news like this was shocking.   Here is how you change your LinkedIn passwords .

1.) go to the settings tab under your name

2.) click on change next to password

Being secure on-line is important and will give you renewed confidence that building your Ultimate LinkedIn Profile is worth every effort and will move you forward to using LinkedIn more for lead generation. An added layer of on-line password security can be gained with Roboform’s multi-factor options available.

A key negligent thing for a company to avoid it to store users’ passwords in plain text. One solution to solving both your LinkedIn password security and convenience problems is to use Biometric, a technology that continues to advance and offer this benefit.n It not fully known just how hackers are able to breach systems and steal passwords and they continue to seek new ways to. We will keep looking around inside news and posts for more updates.

That LinkedIn was attacked did not surprise anyone. Companies’ computer systems are attacked every day. ~ New York Times

Stay tuned to LinkedIn for Business to find another solution for possible stolen passwords on LinkedIn as they become available.

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