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Professional LinkedIn Profile UpdatesWin in Business with the Benefits of Professional LinkedIn Profile Updates

Turn your Professional LinkedIn Profile into an IMPRESSIVE statement of who you are!

What Professional LinkedIn Profile Updates Entail

Understanding your background, objectives, and ideal client, we craft your unique professional story in a manner that engages ideal audiences seeking your product and compels them to reach out to you. Utilizing a conversational, enticing narrative approach, your updated professional LinkedIn profile will provoke confidence and credibility while optimally showcasing you.

Are you managing your professional reputation? If you do a Google search on your name chances are your LinkedIn profile will come up first, reason enough to be confident that you have a stellar profile that is up to date, optimized and showcases your professional brand.

Google has been sending more traffic to Google in the past six months of 2015 compared to the same period in 2014 and this trend is expected to continue into 2016 according to a recent news report.

Remember, people, meet us online often before they meet us in person. You need to make an important first impression. An incomplete profile can communicate indifference – and what professional wants that!

LinkedIn Keeps changing…

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A professional LinkedIn profile communicates what and who we are all about and affords us a great opportunity to tell our story far beyond how we might show up on a resume. We can share through multi-media platforms which enhances who we are – video, slide shares and images further develop our brand visually attracting the right connections.

Benefits You Gain with Our LinkedIn Profile Update:

• Showcase your professional brand

• Up to date reputation management

• Aligns with your business objectives

• Attract more of your target audience

• Shine as an authority in your field

• Shows the path of your career journey

• Displays professional recommendations of what people say about you

• Social proof of your skills and expertise

• Share presentations, images and video of projects you are proud of

Your LinkedIn Profile Can Make A Terrific 1st Impression:

Remember, people meet us online often before they meet us in person. You need to make an important first impression.

• Think about yourself as a brand.

• What is your personal brand?

• What differentiates you?

• What do you do better than others?

• How can you build an emotional connection to others?

• Build a brand that is reflective of who you are in the real world not who you are on a resume.

Updating your professional LinkedIn profile is just the beginning.

We also show you the best ways to leverage your LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn for networking success. To be found on LinkedIn requires a keenly optimized profile as well as compelling content whereby someone would want to learn more about you. We have just seconds to grab someone’s attention and make that all important first impression.

“JoAnne designed and wrote an exceptional LinkedIn profile for me. I had been struggling to get it right and completely turned it over to her to do her magic. The results were immediate. Within 24 hours of posting, I received two exceptional lead opportunities, one of which was a long-term contract with LinkedIn. Within 72 hours I received two additional leads, and my profile traffic has been up an average of 62% since posting my new profile. I’m thrilled with the results and look forward to referring other industry colleagues to her. “ -Lisa Busby, Event Marketing Strategist, Producing Events Nationally and Globally

“AT&T Employee Resource Group-oxyGEN recently hosted JoAnne at our Lunch and Learn. It was a great opportunity to learn the strategies & tactics behind updating our LinkedIn profiles along with the importance of managing our professional online reputation.” Valerie Bruggeman, Director at AT&T

“JoAnne helped me completely revamp my LinkedIn profile to attract more visits and to bring cohesiveness to the four distinct elements of my philanthropy consulting business. She is a terrific LinkedIn strategist. I’m so grateful for her help.” Jenny Norris Peterson, CFRE Philanthropy Consultant, Speaker, Writer — inspiring philanthropy for individuals, families and not-for-profits

The time is NOW to evaluate your current online reputation and determine what you want to be known for. Gain a keenly optimized LinkedIn profile.

Professional LinkedIn Profile Update
Win in business with the benefits of professional LinkedIn profile updates. Turn your Professional LinkedIn Profile into an IMPRESSIVE statement of who you are.
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JoAnne Funch, owner of LinkedIn for Business: knows how to help individuals build their professional business LinkedIn profile and how to optimize business profiles on LinkedIn.

Be Ready for 2016 and have your LinkedIn Profile Done For You

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