5 Reasons Your LinkedIn Posts Don’t Turn into Leads

LinkedIn Posts Don’t Turn into Leads

The mistake many professionals who rely on LinkedIn for leads make is posting random topics and inviting tons of random people to connect just to build a bigger network because their strategy is to reach more people.

The problem with that strategy is that the majority of random connections don’t turn into paying customers!

Here are 5 reason your LinkedIn posts don’t turn into leads

  1. Your focus is getting more connections or followers (if you have creator mode turned on in your profile) in your network rather than posting content that is relevant to the ideal customer/audience you have in your network that could turn into a sale.
  2. You post irrelevant content. For example, posts with an inspirational quote might get reactions such as likes, but ultimately people don’t pay for that, they pay for your expertise.
  3. You create content for everyone vs. your ideal customer. You’ve heard the old saying that ‘everyone is not your customer’ – highly targeted content will speak to the prospect that sees you can solve their problem.
  4. You’re not posting often enough. To leverage the LinkedIn algorithm in your favor being consistent gets you noticed, and your posts reach more people. Posting a minimum of twice per week, every week can build both brand awareness and leads.
  5. You don’t create a compelling opening or call to action. If you want people to read and comment on your post, your opening sentence is what will draw them in and your closing call to action tells them what to do next.

Who will pay for your services?

If you want leads from your social media efforts, you want to create content that convinces your ideal client to work with you. Think about what your ideal customer would find of value from you.

How does your product or service make their life better, easier or save them money?

For example, I post LinkedIn tips, strategies and platform updates because that is what people want to learn from me. By doing this it positions my credibility, offers value to the reader and positions my services as a solution to those who want to improve their LinkedIn marketing.

5 Tips for Social Media Success

There are many ways to generate more leads from your LinkedIn network especially utilizing some of the newest platform updates which I wrote about in this article HERE.

With a focus on a social media content strategy, check out these 5 tips:

  1. Post consistently – there is no guarantee your followers see your content, some pieces go well and some don’t. Hit or miss game, the way you get more hits is by creating more content and posting consistently.
    Learn from the misses so you create better content. I track my post performance through a tool called shield app.
  2. Focus on your ideal customer and no one else – create content to attract customers not followers. Create content that is highly relevant to the services you offer.
    You might get a lot of thumbs up or likes on a personal experience post or even a really great inspiring quote, but ultimately, people don’t pay you for that. So, think about the content that is relevant and will drive leads and sales.
  3. Be genuinely helpful to others – if you care and put people first it builds brand evangelists. They will help you by generating referrals.
  4. Connect with intent – When you invite people to connect, think relational versus transactional first. Even though the person could make a great lead, start by building a relationship with them first.
  5. Have a conversion strategy – how do you follow up and engage with a prospect?
    How do you stay top of mind?

I work with individuals and companies to develop a content strategy to support your ongoing LinkedIn marketing success that drives your brand engagement builds credibility and establishes authority in your industry or niche.

If you’re ready to get started with a better content strategy today. Let’s get started! Schedule a free call with me to discuss your current marketing strategy. Click Here to access my calendar.

JoAnne Funch

JoAnne Funch

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