Roundup of 10 New LinkedIn Features [SEPTEMBER 2022]

Roundup of 10 New LinkedIn Features (1)

There have been many new features added to LinkedIn so far in 2022, here are a few of those that you should consider paying attention to.

Yes, there have been many more updates other than what is on this list, however these LinkedIn updates are those that would be of benefit to most readers that follow this blog. You will notice that some of the features mentioned here are in the process of rolling out so you may not have access to them yet.

1. Creator Mode

This feature was added as an option to LinkedIn profile about a year ago with a emphasis of benefits to those people who post content consistently. If you chose to turn on this feature you were given the added benefit of creating a newsletter to be distributed to your LinkedIn network and the ability to do LinkedIn Lives.

If you were not an active content producer, you may have been discouraged from turning on this feature. However, an added feature to your profile for those that have turned on this feature is the ability to add & hyperlink your website URL which appears directly below your city location.
This feature is worth turning on the ‘Creator Mode.”

There are additional benefits coming to update your profile branding through creator mode, so stay tuned!

2. LinkedIn Live & LinkedIn Audio

Available for those people who have Creator Mode turned on.

Update to LinkedIn Live, you can create an event from your personal profile or your company page starting by creating a post, selecting the 3 dots, adding to your post and selecting ‘Create an event.’

Once you open ‘create an event’ you will want to select the format for you event: LinkedIn Audio, LinkedIn Live or an external event link such as Zoom. Complete the rest of the information as indicated on the form.

You will need a 3rd party streaming tool to utilize this feature which you can learn more about HERE.

LinkedIn Live can be a great way to present a topic to your network where they can learn more about you and your expertise.

LinkedIn audio is a similar feature however attendees can just listen to the conversation/topic and can add to the conversation through the host. This is a casual way to get like-minded people together to share ideas. If you have any group with similar interest, audio ca be a great platform for bringing people together and develop relationships. Learn more HERE.

NOTE: When attending LinkedIn Lives, there’s now a Networking tab that sits alongside Comments in which all the attendees are listed. It’s ideal for growing your networking as you can connect with them from there.

3. Bell Notification

You can now subscribe to the content posted by a member you follow or are connected to. When you subscribe to a member’s content, you’ll receive a notification when that member posts any new content. This allows you to never miss the latest posts from your favorite content creators. For creators, this provides a new way to drive engagement and views among your followers.

Asking people to click your bell to never miss an update is a great call to action at the bottom of your posts. If you read my posts, you will see how I do this.

Read my blog on this topic: Get LinkedIn Notifications from Important People in Your Network

4. Link Skills to Profile Sections

If you haven’t edited your skills section in a while, you may not have noticed that you can link a skill directly to a present or past role or even optional sections of your profile such as volunteering, courses, honors, awards, and organizations you belong to.

When you are in the skills section, click the edit pencil next to each of your skills. Once open, you can select with a check mark which positions or other areas you apply this skill.

You will notice that your skills are present on the sections of the profile you applied them to. This is particularly advantageous for job seekers as it gives them multiple ways to utilize their skills.

5. Add a Clickable Link to Image Posts

This feature is being gradually rolled out and may not be available to you at this time. Right now, you can only add a clickable link to image or video posts on the LinkedIn mobile app. But any member can view the clickable links on desktop version or the mobile app.

This is a great feature because if someone is attracted to your image or video they can click right on it to learn more. To learn the steps, click HERE.

6. Mobile Update – navigation

Your profile picture in the circle is called the ME icon. You find this in desktop and the mobile app. You can navigate your profile, pages, groups and events from here.

Click on View Profile to access your individual profile.
Below that you see the company pages that you manage. Next is groups where you can access all groups you belong to. Next is events, this show all upcoming events you registered for as well as past events.
If you have a premium account you can click the features to make any changes and settings allows you to make any changes.

7. Links in Posts Open in New Tab

I have been teaching clients not to add links inside posts primarily because they were the worst performing style of post you could make. This was because LinkedIn did not want you to send people off their platform to another – simple as that! Now when you add a link to a post, when the link gets clicked it simply opens in a new window. So it appears LinkedIn is no longer penalizing posts with links. I think this is worth testing, so if you do add links, keep track of your posts reach versus those of style posts that do not have a link.

8. Pin a Comment

This is rolling out now with great anticipation because it is a great way to ensure your comment stays to the top of the post comments. Particularly useful when you may have added a relevant detail or link to your comment that you want everyone to take note of who comments on your post.

Learn more about pinning a comment HERE.

9. Auto Embed

Also, in the roll-out stage, the feature called Auto Embed which allows you to embed public content from other sources in your article or newsletter. You can embed content only from providers supported by LinkedIn. Click the link below for the list of providers from where you can embed external content like tweets, videos, presentations, etc. in your article.

List of providers whose content you can embed.

Simple to use, all you have to do is paste the link into your article, hit space or enter and it automatically embeds, displaying a thumbnail or preview. Instant visual interest in your content!

Note: If the original publisher deletes the content you’ve embedded, the embeds get deleted as well.

Why would you use this feature? If you were citing a resource that adds credibility to your post, article or newsletter.

10. Create a Post with an Image Template

In the rollout stage, this will be a great addition for those who aren’t super creative when it comes to image posts. Currently this feature is rolling out on the mobile app only. This feature allows you to create an image post with a background, text, stickers and a link. If you use Facebook, you know what this is when you wish someone a happy birthday you can choose a background template.

I’m sharing a screen shot from my colleague Lynnaire Johnston as I don’t have this feature yet myself. Simply follow each step in the process to the completion of your post.

As LinkedIn continues to roll-out many new features, it can be difficult to keep up. If you have questions on how to best leverage any of these new features into your LinkedIn marketing strategy, schedule a complimentary call and we can discuss what makes sense for you.

New features coming:

  • Native scheduling of posts
  • New top of profile features for those utilizing Creator Mode
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