3 Simple LinkedIn Hacks to Position Your Brand & Stand Out

Standing out on LinkedIn will set you apart from your competitors if you know how to leverage the features that will enhance your profile so you make a great first impression.

When I work with business owners, consultants, sales professionals and others who want to stand out I first want them to know that the job of their LinkedIn profile is to position themselves as an industry leader and to attract, teach and engage their network & target clients.

LinkedIn Message Feature

When you use the LinkedIn messaging feature, be sure to include your name, phone and website URL as a signature before sending the message. This makes it easy for a contact to l reach back out to you!

Advantages of Creator Mode

Turn on Creator Mode: this allows you to add the URL to your website and 5 hashtags relating to what you do and are an expert in. If you have a small network and don’t intend to ever create posts, I would probably not turn this feature on.

Creator Mode was introduced back in 2021, many people are still not taking advantage of this feature. I want to point out that if you do turn on this feature, your blue ‘connect’ button turns to ‘follow‘, and your ‘Featured‘ section moves up (so make sure you have your best work being featured), your ‘About’ section now moves down the page which may not be optimal if you want people to read this section. So there are pros and cons to this feature to consider before making the switch.

In the image below you will see my hashtags along with the URL to my website located beneath my city.

Go beyond your title

Leverage your title in your experience section to include a description/highlight your services. This line appears at the top of your profile.


If your higher education isn’t relevant to your business experience, you could replace the ‘School Name’ with a short marketing message. This line appears at the top of your profile. (see image above)

Career Management

It’s worth noting, for those seeking career advancement, “It is not enough to just create a profile—you have to stand out.” According to Holly Coffin, director of employer relations and internships at Elmhurst University’s Russell G. Weigand Center for Professional Excellence.

As your career advances you want to think beyond your title to how you serve. What are your top skills and incorporate those throughout your LinkedIn profile.

You are more than your resume – you are a personal brand.

Developing a strong personal brand including your LinkedIn profile, website bio, business bio, speaker’s bio are necessary to let people know as much as possible about you. We’ve created a workbook on How to Develop a Strong Personal Brand that Boosts Your Credibility.
Download that resource here.

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