Visibility Gap: 3 Strategies to Get Noticed on LinkedIn

Check Your Notifications
3 Strategies to Get Noticed on LinkedIn

In today’s digital world, building a strong online presence is crucial for professional success. But many of us struggle with a frustrating “visibility gap” on platforms like LinkedIn. We know we have valuable expertise, but potential employers, collaborators, or clients just aren’t seeing it.

Fear not! This blog post will equip you with 3 powerful strategies to bridge that gap and get noticed on LinkedIn. We’ll explore 3 key areas of opportunity on LinkedIn.

  1. LinkedIn News
    You find this column on the upper right corner from the Home page. LinkedIn editors post the most relevant news stories of the day.  Reviewing the stories and those who are commenting on the topic provides an ideal opportunity to engage with others who share the industry or topic and share your thought leadership.  Typically, your profile views increase and who knows you might meet someone new you never imagined connecting with.

    Suggestion:  Look at this section daily
LinkedIn News

2. Check Your Notifications
This is where you find notifications of posts from people in your network, posts from anyone whose BELL you have clicked to receive notifications of their posts, people who have viewed your profile, comments from people on your posts and the posts you commented on, newsletters you subscribe to, number of impressions your posts gained last week and much more!

Engagement on LinkedIn is a game-changing strategy for those that leverage their network.

Suggestion:  Review your notifications several times though out the day.

3. Home Page
Simply scrolling your Home page provides opportunities to see posts from people in your network offering an opportunity for you to comment and engage with the post.  You can toggle between ‘Recent’ and ‘Top’ posts. 

LinkedIn Home

How engagement improves your visibility
If you make *10 insightful comments a day you can gain up to 80% surge in your profile views, 30% increase in invites from your ideal audience and up to 90% new followers (for those who have Creator Mode turned on.) 

I realize 10 can feel overwhelming to you, I’m trying to demonstrate the power of consistency, so even if you cut that number in half you will see results. I can’t stress enough how engagement will raise your visibility – The other tip I want to give you is that comments with at least 15 words will benefit you the most.

Bottom line is that engaging on LinkedIn will give you more visibility – no question.  

*Data reported by Richard Van Der Blom in the 2024 Algorithm Report

It’s not that difficult to stand out on LinkedIn, it simply requires focus and leaning into these 3 areas of opportunity. If you want to short cut the learning curve, book a 90-minute coaching session (Via Zoom) and learn some of the best hacks on LinkedIn that you can use immediately to meet your goals.

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