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Proven Steps to Successful Lead Generation with LinkedInProven Steps to Successful Lead Generation with LinkedIn: LinkedIn lead generation

Learn what’s new with LinkedIn lead generation and leverage your time & connections! One thing you want is a great LinkedIn summary.

Learn More About our LinkedIn Premiere Advantage Lead Generation System:

Learn More About our LinkedIn Premiere Advantage Lead Generation System:

What stops most people from getting measurable results utilizing LinkedIn for lead generation is because they have no plan, process or tactics of execution.

With our process, we get you on your way quickly to connecting with the ‘right’ people that lead to more long-term opportunities, position you as an authority with great content and train you to show up and be a recognizable resource.
We guarantee to move your Social Selling Index score over 75 points within 90 days if you consistently follow our process resulting in more favorable insights from LinkedIn. We are good as what we do, but we can’t be you! As a partner in your success, you must be willing to follow our process to be successful.

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3 Most Common Mistakes Small Business Owners Make That Keep Them Struggling For More Quality Leads:

1. Not knowing who your real target audience is and thus you don’t share your marketing message clearly about what you do and who you serve and you don’t focus your invitations with any strategy in mind. Read more tips to grow your LinkedIn network.

2. Collecting names and having no process of following up with connections to build meaningful relationships.

3. Not creating a LinkedIn profile that is complete, compelling, credible and shows authority – in other words most profiles don’t stand out from the crowd and people never read past your headline.


Create a Promotional LinkedIn Strategy Attracting High-Quality Leads

Finding quality leads – save time and money by finding the exact right prospects. Review your LinkedIn profiles credibility with descriptive copy that converts:

– Use the advanced search tool filtering criteria for optimum results

– Refine with Boolean search

– Build a pipeline via ongoing searches (even works with free accounts)

– How to use the topic search tool to find prospects and conversations on your topic

– Organize your connections for easy follow-up

Steps to nurturing your relationships

– Customize your messages for higher conversion

– Learn the strategy I use and how to implement it into your marketing

– Receive samples of nurturing messages (this is worth the cost of the course!)

Convert leads to customers – creating a conversion system

– Create a follow-up process

– Write an effective call to action

– Automatically get people to book a phone meeting – (great strategy)

Research tools

– List of time saving 3rd party research tools and conversion tools

I will save you hours sitting through others “fluff-packed” workshops right now: If you’re serious about using LinkedIn for business correctly, then you will invest in attending this workshop because I am teaching techniques that will change how you use LinkedIn to generate leads forever!

Use LinkedIn to Attract Influential Connections

We all need to generate leads to grow our business, LinkedIn offers the benefit of attracting influential connections that create more profitable opportunities.

Click Image to View Testimonial About my LinkedIn Lead Generation Workshop

Generating leads LinkedIn workshop

Click on the image to watch this testimony from a client who learned how to leverage the incredible power of LinkedIn with my high-power training. It is guaranteed to make you a LinkedIn powerhouse!

“JoAnne’s seminar on using LinkedIn to generate leads was of tremendous value to me and my team. As recruiters, we have used her expertise to fine tune our profiles, and to re-examine and re-vamp how we use LinkedIn to make stronger and more personal connections with potential candidates. The results have been amazing!” – Paul Broberg, Owner EHS Hospitality Group

Now the Key Question… What’s It Worth to Your Business to Have That Killer Profile, Get Found at the TOP of LinkedIn’s Search Results and Grow Your Business Like Never Before?

Learn what other clients are saying after another fun workshop on Successfully Generating Leads with LinkedIn (VIDEO).

“JoAnne is a skilled and inspiring trainer. Her advanced LinkedIn workshop was great – I am ready to take my LI profile to the next level, AND now have knowledge on how to better leverage LI to work for me. I highly recommend JoAnne for her content knowledge and her practical approach for the busy entrepreneur. She has saved me time, and money!.” – Peggy Stefan, Owner, The Commoms

“I look forward to working with you!” JoAnne Funch – Founder Of


LinkedIn Training Workshop by JoAnne Funch

stars – LinkedIn Workshop

May 25, 2016

“I recently had the pleasure of attending one of JoAnne’s LinkedIn training workshops and was so impressed. JoAnne is a natural teacher and has a deep understanding of LinkedIn’s many features, which she readily shared with her audience. I am so glad I attended this training. ”

LinkedIn Digital Lead Generation Services

Learn how to generate leads on LinkedIn today!

Acquire digital marketing leads by using LinkedIn for business marketing strategies, new connections, online and mobile marketing, additional local partnerships for Minneapolis digital lead generation, insights on nurture marketing programs, and marketing through extending enticing invitations.

LinkedIn for Business

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JoAnne Funch, owner of LinkedIn for Business: knows LinkedIn lead generation strategies and how to generate the right leads on LinkedIn. Expert in LinkedIn relationship building, monitoring lead generation, and improving level of leads gained from LinkedIn.

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