Has LinkedIn Created The Illusion We’re Really Connected?


I often wonder if people who are active on social media sites for business feel a false sense of connection. That thought caused me to ask the question, has LinkedIn created the illusion we’re connected or do most people really feel they are connected? I’m in the business of connecting people through networking and relationship […]

How Service Professionals Use LinkedIn For Lead Generation

Image How-Service-Professionals-use-LinkedIn-Lead-Generation

LinkedIn is ideal for business consultants, coaches, advisors, speakers or other B2B professionals to connect with their ideal customers LinkedIn remains the #1 social network for professionals looking to connect and generate B2B leads and yet, there are many companies along with the sales and marketing professionals that continue to ignore the power of LinkedIn […]

How to Gain More Customers Using a LinkedIn Engagement Strategy

How to gain sales with a focused engagement strategy Growing sales leads utilizing LinkedIn is more than inviting a lot of people to connect, followed by a promotional sales message. The top sales people using LinkedIn know long-term success is about mastering a LinkedIn engagement strategy. Why Sales Messages Alone Don’t Work on LinkedIn Most […]

Professional LinkedIn Lead Generation Tips

Professional LinkedIn Lead Generation Tips LinkedIn has proven to be the #1 platform for B2B leads today. With 400+ million members and growing LinkedIn is worth investing your time and resources. LinkedIn lead generation takes a strategy and long term investment and if done correctly and consistently can provide unlimited leads. Here are steps to […]


A Practical Guide for Business Owners, Consultants & Salespeople to Effectively Use LinkedIn for Marketing.