Turn on the Messaging Function for your Company Page

Turn on the Messaging Function for your Company Page

LinkedIn is expanding the features available for company pages which means they are supporting and promoting companies to create and use what they commonly refer to simply as ‘Pages’. LinkedIn company pages are beneficial not just for large companies but for small businesses as well to further establish a brand. As of Q1 2023 there […]

How to Leverage Your LinkedIn Company Page Marketing

Beginning of the new year is an great time to update your LinkedIn profile, but what about your company page? Chances are, if you own a business, you set-up a company page and with a little attention it provides you an opportunity to grow the visibility or your brand. LinkedIn company pages are a way […]

Creating a Newsletter for Your LinkedIn Network

Creating a Newsletter for Your LinkedIn Network

Newsletters are not dead! That’s why LinkedIn provides users the ability to produce a newsletter that your network can subscribe to. Last year LinkedIn rolled out ‘Creator Mode’ to all LinkedIn users. The benefits of turning on this feature is the ability to produce a newsletter and LinkedIn Lives which I wrote about in “Creator […]

Has LinkedIn Created The Illusion We’re Really Connected?


I often wonder if people who are active on social media sites for business feel a false sense of connection. That thought caused me to ask the question, has LinkedIn created the illusion we’re connected or do most people really feel they are connected? I’m in the business of connecting people through networking and relationship […]

LinkedIn Profile Tips

LinkedIn profile tips to leverage the new 2018 layout design [updated 2019] Once again LinkedIn has updated the profile design.The top header of your profile now shows more relevant details you want people to learn about you immediately upon viewing your profile. Here are some LinkedIn profile tips to help you make the most of […]

7 Ways to Impact your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for 2018

Impact Your Marketing Strategy Image

If you want to leverage your time spent on LinkedIn more effectively, here are 7 ways to impact your LinkedIn marketing strategy for 2018. Did you know there was a dramatic increase in activity on LinkedIn in 2017? What that tells me I that across the board LinkedIn continues to dominate the world of business […]

LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategy

Image for Content Strategy

LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategy, Drive awareness and revenue Because we meet our prospects online most often before we meet them offline, your goal is to build credibility and trust before pitching your services and the best way to do that is through a LinkedIn content marketing strategy. A content strategy is part of your marketing […]

LinkedIn Redesigns Company Pages

LinkedIn Redesigns Company Pages

LinkedIn is rolling out a new redesign for company pages which is much more robust offering great opportunity to build both your brand and employer awareness. Company pages give you tools to drive quality applicants and measure key results on your brand’s engagement. The redesign is congruent with the upcoming personal profile redesign and offers […]

LinkedIn Discontinues Products Services tab Company Pages

LinkedIn Updates Company Page Features UPDATE: 2016 LinkedIn company pages are still the place to tell your brand story and manage your reputation. Companies that optimize their LinkedIn page with key words, tell their story and share how they solve their clients issues along with the outcomes they get from working with you, will stand […]

Now You Can Showcase Your LinkedIn Company Page

Now You Can Showcase Your LinkedIn Company Page According to LinkedIn,  millions of companies share their content on their LinkedIn company page. A new feature to company pages has been added called Showcase pages. “Showcase Pages are dedicated pages that allow companies to highlight different aspects of their business and build relationships with the right […]


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