Should you have a LinkedIn Company Page?

Should you have a LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn company page best practices for building your brand presence. I used to believe it was a waste of time to have a LinkedIn company page unless you were to put the effort forth to gain followers. However, I have changed my thoughts to a broader approach that emphasizes brand awareness and the SEO benefits. […]

7 Ways to Impact your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for 2018

Impact Your Marketing Strategy Image

If you want to leverage your time spent on LinkedIn more effectively, here are 7 ways to impact your LinkedIn marketing strategy for 2018. Did you know there was a dramatic increase in activity on LinkedIn in 2017? What that tells me I that across the board LinkedIn continues to dominate the world of business […]

3 Warning Signs You’ve Built a LinkedIn Database, Not a Network

3 Warning Signs You’ve Built a LinkedIn Database, Not a Network

LinkedIn Database or a Network – What have you built? LinkedIn continues to grow globally with professionals who want to make new connections and remains the number one platform for network building. I wonder however, how many are building real relationship or just creating a data base. Here are 3 warning signs you’ve built a […]

LinkedIn Redesigns Company Pages

LinkedIn Redesigns Company Pages

LinkedIn is rolling out a new redesign for company pages which is much more robust offering great opportunity to build both your brand and employer awareness. Company pages give you tools to drive quality applicants and measure key results on your brand’s engagement. The redesign is congruent with the upcoming personal profile redesign and offers […]

LinkedIn Discontinues Products Services tab Company Pages

LinkedIn Updates Company Page Features UPDATE: 2016 LinkedIn company pages are still the place to tell your brand story and manage your reputation. Companies that optimize their LinkedIn page with key words, tell their story and share how they solve their clients issues along with the outcomes they get from working with you, will stand […]


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