How to turn your profile viewers into clients

LinkedIn Profile Viewers

LinkedIn for business prospecting is a well-known business tool. One of the most popular features is “Who’s Viewed Your Profile.” If you are a novice LinkedIn user, you may not pay much attention to this feature, but experienced salespeople know the value. This feature is now only available only to users with ‘premium’ LinkedIn account. […]

What type of content works best on LinkedIn?

What type of content works best on LinkedIn - blog

Knowing what type of content works best on LinkedIn in 2024 can seem like a daunting task you never wanted to master, but in today’s digital world, people meet us online often before offline we have the ability to build trust and awareness with what we post to LinkedIn. 5 expert tips to help you […]

5 LinkedIn Adjustments You Should Make in January

5 adjustment to make in January to LinkedIn

As you execute your new year goals including your marketing goals, you want to spend a little time updating LinkedIn especially if this is a tool you use for your marketing. These updates also apply if you are seeking a career move and want to be found. LinkedIn is notorious for not publicizing changes unless […]

Stay Top of Mind with Your Network – Gain More Opportunities

Staying op of mind with your network

Did you know that of the almost 1 billion LinkedIn users globally only 5-7% are active. That means the majority of users are not logging into LinkedIn on a consistent basis. If you are looking to gain more brand or product exposure, position yourself as a thought-leader in your industry or looking for a career […]

Is LinkedIn Marketing Still Worth Your Effort?

Is LinkedIn Marketing Still Worth Your Effort?

Seems like social media platforms change faster and more frequently than ever before in the fast-paced digital world and where businesses are pivoting to the platforms where their ideal clients are spending time. Many professionals I talk with didn’t realize that in 2023 LinkedIn celebrated their 20th anniversary in business. In a recent article published […]

5 reasons why consumer brands should be more active on LinkedIn

5 reasons why consumer brands

Traditionally LinkedIn is a B2B social platform for marketing, but you may want to consider that LinkedIn can also be ideal for brand building and reaching consumers, especially for things that may interest them beyond their professional lives. According to an article from Social Media Examiner, “Among the abundance of work-related content, brands can easily […]

Control Your LinkedIn Feed with More Content You Want to See

Control Your LinkedIn Feed

LinkedIn users often complain about what they see in the newsfeed. It can be more confusing than random; this post shows you several ways to gain control of your LinkedIn feed delivering content you want to see. LinkedIn’s default setting from the HOME tab also referred to as the newsfeed is set to show you […]

5 Things Every Young Professional Should Be Doing on LinkedIn to Stand Out

5 Things Every Young Professional Should Be Doing on LinkedIn to Stand Out

Not every young professional is scrolling Instagram all day! According to recent data published by Statista, as of December 2022, 31 percent of LinkedIn users in the United States were between 30 and 39 years old, while 23 percent were between 40 and 49 years old. Additionally, almost one in five U.S. users belonged to […]

LinkedIn 2023 – Who’s viewed my LinkedIn Profile?

Who’s viewed my LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a powerful search engine where professionals are looking for other professionals to provide a service that solves their problem, looking for what leaders or topic/industry experts are talking about, or hiring managers are looking for candidates to fill jobs. When anyone does a search on LinkedIn, they typically search for someone by a […]

Are You Leveraging the LinkedIn Network Contacts You Already Have?

Leveraging the LinkedIn Network

Many LinkedIn users have admitted they don’t keep in touch with the connections they accepted into their networks. So, what is the point of gathering hundreds of connections that you rarely if ever stay in touch with? According to the author David Nour, of ‘Relationship Economics’, who said “for far too long networking has been […]


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