LinkedIn Helps Job Seekers with Resume Assistance

LinkedIn Helps Job Seekers With Resume Assistance

Since Microsoft bought LinkedIn a year ago, we are starting to see new features. LinkedIn just announced that “Resume Assistant,” a new feature from Microsoft Word that helps job seekers with resume assistance. The new feature is now rolling out to subscribers of Office 365 and a real benefit for job seekers. How LinkedIn Resume […]

Why LinkedIn is Important to Graduates Job Search

Reasons Why LinkedIn is Important to Graduates Job Search College prepares students with the academics to succeed in their future working life, but what college does not prepare students for is why LinkedIn is important to graduates job search. I know this personally from my own college student who did get some help from student […]

How a Recruiter Uses LinkedIn to Find Talent

I had an opportunity to meet Stacey Stratton, owner of True Talent Group, a talent agency and learn how a recruiter uses LinkedIn to find talent. I found the conversation useful and wanted to share her perspective as her feedback will be useful to any job seeker. Learn how to leverage LinkedIn for job searching after […]


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