How to turn your profile viewers into clients

LinkedIn Profile Viewers

LinkedIn for business prospecting is a well-known business tool. One of the most popular features is “Who’s Viewed Your Profile.” If you are a novice LinkedIn user, you may not pay much attention to this feature, but experienced salespeople know the value. This feature is now only available only to users with ‘premium’ LinkedIn account. […]

Turn on the Messaging Function for your Company Page

Turn on the Messaging Function for your Company Page

LinkedIn is expanding the features available for company pages which means they are supporting and promoting companies to create and use what they commonly refer to simply as ‘Pages’. LinkedIn company pages are beneficial not just for large companies but for small businesses as well to further establish a brand. As of Q1 2023 there […]

5 Things Every Young Professional Should Be Doing on LinkedIn to Stand Out

5 Things Every Young Professional Should Be Doing on LinkedIn to Stand Out

Not every young professional is scrolling Instagram all day! According to recent data published by Statista, as of December 2022, 31 percent of LinkedIn users in the United States were between 30 and 39 years old, while 23 percent were between 40 and 49 years old. Additionally, almost one in five U.S. users belonged to […]

5 Reasons Your LinkedIn Posts Don’t Turn into Leads

LinkedIn Posts Don’t Turn into Leads

The mistake many professionals who rely on LinkedIn for leads make is posting random topics and inviting tons of random people to connect just to build a bigger network because their strategy is to reach more people. The problem with that strategy is that the majority of random connections don’t turn into paying customers! Here […]

Get Noticed on LinkedIn By Changing One Activity

Get Noticed on LinkedIn By Changing One Activity

Getting noticed on LinkedIn for your expertise when there are over 840 million profiles can seem daunting. With a strategy and consistency, you can easily win at standing out! If you’re not getting noticed on LinkedIn, there is a reason why. It’s not because you need to add more details in your profile, although a […]

5 Simple Ways to Generate More Referral Business


Gaining referrals is your fastest way to new and long-term sales. Your LinkedIn network can be a gold mine of referrals if you have taken the time to build and nurture it. When you develop a network of people who refer, you can keep your pipeline filled. To get a good referral that leads to […]

LinkedIn Success Stories 2019: Professional Speaker, Author, Coach Crushes Leads

One professional speaker cracked the code to leverage LinkedIn as a tool to generate leads and bookings and coaching clients – want to know how he does it? Yes, you can generate business leads using LinkedIn for business according to Dr. Jermaine Davis a Minneapolis based professional speaker, author and coach. In this video interview […]

Has LinkedIn Created The Illusion We’re Really Connected?


I often wonder if people who are active on social media sites for business feel a false sense of connection. That thought caused me to ask the question, has LinkedIn created the illusion we’re connected or do most people really feel they are connected? I’m in the business of connecting people through networking and relationship […]

How Service Professionals Use LinkedIn For Lead Generation

Image How-Service-Professionals-use-LinkedIn-Lead-Generation

LinkedIn is ideal for business consultants, coaches, advisors, speakers or other B2B professionals to connect with their ideal customers LinkedIn remains the #1 social network for professionals looking to connect and generate B2B leads and yet, there are many companies along with the sales and marketing professionals that continue to ignore the power of LinkedIn […]

LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategy

Image for Content Strategy

LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategy, Drive awareness and revenue Because we meet our prospects online most often before we meet them offline, your goal is to build credibility and trust before pitching your services and the best way to do that is through a LinkedIn content marketing strategy. A content strategy is part of your marketing […]


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