LinkedIn New Features and Updates [October 2023]

For the active LinkedIn user, keeping up with changes offers a competitive edge when it comes to utilizing new features in your LinkedIn marketing. This post shows the recent updates and changes from LinkedIn. Invitation Limits LinkedIn recently put a limit on how many personalized invitations you can send. First, I want to share that […]

[August 2023] LinkedIn Platform Updates

[August 2023] LinkedIn Platform Updates

1. Notifications In order to stay on top of your network, you will want to be checking the ‘notifications’ bell which shows some of the activity in your network. NOW you can sort your feed by ALL, My Posts or Mentions. This allows you to quickly view and respond to any mentions you may have […]

Turn on the Messaging Function for your Company Page

Turn on the Messaging Function for your Company Page

LinkedIn is expanding the features available for company pages which means they are supporting and promoting companies to create and use what they commonly refer to simply as ‘Pages’. LinkedIn company pages are beneficial not just for large companies but for small businesses as well to further establish a brand. As of Q1 2023 there […]

[NEW] LinkedIn updates the algorithm affecting the visibility of posts

LinkedIn updates the algorithm affecting visibility of posts

LinkedIn recently said they were getting complaints from users that there are too many posts with personal pictures that were better suited to Facebook, so they have made changes to how the feed works and what you can expect. According to a recent interview published in Entrepreneur Magazine with LinkedIn editor & chief Daniel Roth, […]

LinkedIn Skills: What you should know to gain a competitive edge

LinkedIn Skills - blog

The LinkedIn skills section is important if you want to be found in a search as a job seeker as well as a business professional. LinkedIn started as a careers platform and today LinkedIn continues to add features that aid job seeking & career growth. Think of how people use LinkedIn as a search engine […]

LinkedIn 2023 – Who’s viewed my LinkedIn Profile?

Who’s viewed my LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a powerful search engine where professionals are looking for other professionals to provide a service that solves their problem, looking for what leaders or topic/industry experts are talking about, or hiring managers are looking for candidates to fill jobs. When anyone does a search on LinkedIn, they typically search for someone by a […]

Make Better Marketing Decisions with LinkedIn’s Improved Analytics

LinkedIn continues to improve their platform for those who are active and invested in using this platform on a consistent basis. Today I am sharing the latest analytics available and how to use them to make better, data-driven decisions about your current network, target audience, and measuring the success of your content. As a person […]

Top 15 LinkedIn Updates from 2022 You Should Use

Top 15 LinkedIn Updates from 2022

There were massive updates (80-90) from LinkedIn in 2022 improving many areas of the platform for users. There is no doubt it was the year for content creators just based on the added features that rolled out when you have the feature turned on. In this article I will recap some of the top new […]

8 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Marketing in 2023

8 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Marketing in 2023

Here are EIGHT things you can do right now to improve your LinkedIn marketing that will drive more visibility, increase engagement and build influence for more impact, credibility, and income going into the new year. LinkedIn had more than 80 updates to the platform in 2022, with that said there are some basic and yet […]

LinkedIn Rolls Out Post Scheduling

LinkedIn Rolls Out Post Scheduling-blog

For all you content creators, LinkedIn has added a new feature enabling you to schedule your posts directly to the platform without a 3rd party scheduling tool. If LinkedIn is a ‘go to’ platform for you, then you will find this feature a real time saver. If you’re active on social media you may use […]


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