What happened to the LinkedIn activity feed section on the profile page

People have been asking “What happened to the activity feed section that was on their LinkedIn profile page? Poof – gone!
What happened to the LinkedIn activity feed section on the profile page
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For those of you that aren’t happy about it, know that LinkedIn is making these updates for a better user experience and I expect you will see many more in the months to come.

You can still access your own activity from the Homepage:

  1. Click Home in the top left of your LinkedIn homepage.
  2. Move your cursor over All Updates, found below the Share box and to the right.
  3. Select Your Updates.

You can also share updates to your network directly from the homepage, and you can have other activities broadcast to your network. Learn more about showing or hiding your activity updates.

If you’d like to promote your interests and actions, we encourage you to update these sections of your profile:

The summary is an important section where you can tell your professional story: goals, objectives, background, interests and aspirations. If you don’t yet have a summary, you may add one:

  • Move your cursor over Profile at the top of your homepage and select Edit Profile.
  • Scroll down and click +Add a Summary. Then type in your text and click Save.
  • Add visuals (photos, videos and presentations) to your summary, experience and education to show the projects or work that you directly impacted. Ask a LinkedIn expert to learn how.

LinkedIn has sent notice that as part of their product development improvements, they determined that it is best to eliminate the activity feed features so resources can be invested in building new and improved features. Many sigh as they wonder how to keep. That is were LinkedIn for Business can step in and guide you.

One of the main values of LinkedIn’s activity update feature is it allowed you to gain insights on an individual. As a hiring manger, this is critical, as a person who is in sales this is also very valuable. Now what is the value in viewing someone’s profile if you can’t learn something from them? One of the greatest aspects of social interactions is learning new things and the best way to do this is through the sharing of content. So, embrace the transition away from the linked in activity feed, and learn what is new: LinkedIn Analytics for the Publishing Platform.

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