5 reasons why consumer brands should be more active on LinkedIn

5 reasons why consumer brands

Traditionally LinkedIn is a B2B social platform for marketing, but you may want to consider that LinkedIn can also be ideal for brand building and reaching consumers, especially for things that may interest them beyond their professional lives.

According to an article from Social Media Examiner, “Among the abundance of work-related content, brands can easily stand out by publishing content that relates to people’s interests outside of work. LinkedIn also provides a gateway to engage with professionals who might enjoy higher-end B2C products. These brands can drive engagement on a platform where their target audience resides during the workday.”

Here are 5 reasons why consumer brands should be more active on LinkedIn

#1- LinkedIn users are also consumers – and they could be your next buyers!

For example, check out the Callaway Golf company page. Many professionals have golf as a hobby they enjoy when not at work. They post a variety of topics from players on the Women’s PGA Tour to new product news.

#2 – In 2022, LinkedIn was ranked number 7 in the top ten fastest-growing brands worldwide.

You can’t ignore the social power of LinkedIn any longer. Based on brand value growth (68%). It was one of only two social media networks in the rankings; YouTube was the other.

#3 – LinkedIn users on average have higher incomes.

A December 2022 survey indicated that 53% of LinkedIn users in the US had a high monthly household income. The year before, Pew research showed that 50% of LinkedIn users had a household income of more than $75,000.

#4- LinkedIn users in the United States are active on the platform

In December of 2022, data indicated that 69% of US users were on LinkedIn daily making visibility key to getting your message out. These numbers will likely grow as the platform users have grown into 2023.

#5 –Businesses with a company page get more views

Pages with completed company information get 30% more weekly views than those who put up a page with no completed company details or posts.
A great company page and content strategy can attract consumers, employees and brand advocates.
Travel companies are great for LinkedIn because as consumer we love to travel and LinkedIn users tend to have higher incomes as stated above.

Frame your messaging to stand out

If you create messaging that appeals to your ideal consumer-buyer, it will stand out from the other work-related posts. People don’t love to be sold to, but they love to buy, so keep it creative and fun.
Here’s an example of a personal profile from the owner of the Hand-Dyed Shoe Company.

Excellent pictures, unique title and is obviously popular with over 21K followers!
and the company page with an eye-catching tagline that would make you want to learn more.

Example of the posts showing the products. By adding colorful pictures, compelling text in the first three lines that would draw people in to learn more is a formula worth testing with your products.


If you’re in the B2C market and you feel your consumers would be LinkedIn users, I would encourage you to start telling your brand story through your content. You can start to build an engaged audience organically, incorporate some paid advertising, get personal with your network by engaging with them and be consistent. With a solid, committed strategy you have the opportunity to get ahead of your competitors.

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